Oro Nation needs Bassey Ntekim


By Sammy Etuk Jnr

With the exit of Rt. Hon. Nse Ekpenyong from the House of Representatives, the Oro Nation is now campaigning for his replacement.

Politics in Oro Nation always appears to be volatile when there is intense competition, the awareness is awesome and the people know their rights.

Oro Nation is made up of five Local Government Areas namely; Oron, Udung Uko, Mbo, Okobo, and Urue-Offong Oruko. These Local Government Areas constitutes a Federal Constituency seeking a sole representation in the Green Chambers next year in Abuja. In an unprecedented display of political savvy, the Oro Development Union perhaps triggered by its vociferous youths organized a well-attended debate amongst the eleven aspirants seeking the ruling party, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) ticket to represent the Federal Constituency.

Unfortunately, only five aspirants showed up for the debate. The event (debate) was very revealing even exposing the inadequacies of the aspirants. However, the Oro people were able to know the quality of their aspiring representatives. After each aspirant had presented his profile and manifesto, questions were asked and answers given.
The question and answer section exposed the weaknesses of these aspirants.

Although the result of the debate was not immediately provided by the judges, one man impressed everyone including the judges. He was not boastful, proud, or pretends to have answers to every question. He was a complete gentleman, decked in the traditional attires of his people, humbled, humane, ready to learn and very cerebral.
He significantly stole the show.Further investigations showed that Bassey Ntekim is a Medical Doctor per excellent, widely known across the state.

He once served as the chairman of the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Akwa Ibom State Chapter, he performed creditably well, setting legendary records which included the building of the State Secretariat, encouraging the Government to double the allowances of State employed doctors and approving personal vehicle for them.

His other achievements remain significant till date. In a brief chat with the current chairman of the Akwa Ibom State NMA, Dr. Ime Sylvester Udoh, he extoled the achievement of Dr. Ntekim, explaining that doctors in the State will always support his ambition for a higher office because “he wiped away our tears during his tenure as the chairman.

”“I do hope you are aware that we recently presented money to him to support his campaign for the PDPs House of Representative ticket.

We have other members who are contesting election but we are supporting two of them because of their contribution to the NMA in the State. Dr Ntekim was the chairman you cannot ignore who made the association what it is today in Akwa Ibom.

If his community realize who they are dealing with, they will give him their full support to represent them,” the State NMA Chairman said.Udung Uko is the only Local Government in the Federal Constituency that has not been represented in recent political offices; hence, it is a beautiful bride. Although, there are aspirants from the Oron Local Government Area in the race, the Local Government produced the recent House of Assembly member and a two-time Senator.

Both Oron and Udung Uko share the same State Constituency.Its seems the main battle is between Dr. Ntekim, Mr. Bobby Onofiok and Martins Esin who are ranking high on the opinion pool in the area according to our indebt investigation. For those who know Dr. Ntekim, he is a goal getter, a man with endless passion for his people, an achiever and what politicians would easily referred to as “a man of the people.

” Emmanuel Anwana described Ntekim as “Your man Friday,” adding, “Dr. Ntekim is a detribalized Nigerian, well-known as a medical practitioner, who does not allow money to influence his sense of responsibility and he loves development.”Little wonder, while the Uyo Traditional Rulers Council gave him the title of “Obong Iberedem Uyo.

” This simply means a pillar that should be relied upon, his million naira business is sited in the heart of Uyo. It was difficult tracking down Dr. Ntekim for any interview because of his busy schedule but his testimonial speaks volume of his gigantic strides, without mincing words, Oron Federal Constituency should be happy to work towards having a good replacement for the fabulous late, Victor Akan.

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