Following the removal of fuel subsidy by President Bola Tinubu during his inauguration on Monday, May 29, 2023, Nigerians have been passing through hell to meet their daily needs with their scarce resources.

As usual, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) along with her twin sister, the Trade Union Congress (TUC) notified the Federal Government of its intention to embark on a nationwide protest unless the decision to remove fuel subsidy is reversed.

Over the years, the labour unions have always been in the forefront of defending the rights of poor Nigerian workers and struggling for improved welfare package for the Nigerian workers.

In fact, their good performance towards enhancing the welfare of workers cannot be overemphasized.
However, last week’s protest by the union was different as a court of competent jurisdiction rules against the protest and the labour leaders blatantly disobeyed the court order and went on to protest as planned.

For one, the directive was for all affiliated unions to participate, but it was observed that the Nigeria Union Of Journalists and National Union Of Road Transport Workers did not join the protest as their members were still performing their duties as usual.

Secondly, what was toured to be a peaceful protest ended in pulling down the gate of the nation’s National Assembly, an indication that the protest was not peaceful as expected.

What baffles many Nigerians today is the threat by the NLC to begin an indefinite strike action with effect from Monday, August 14, 2023 if the Federal Government fails to withdraw the contempt suit filed against her.

One may ask; Did the NLC know that a court had ruled against their embarking on strikes?.

Is the NLC above the law or is she daring the Federal Government?.
If the NLC is actually struggling for the welfare of the workers and the masses, why is she trying to inflict more pain and injury on the same people she pretends to love?.

Have the labour leaders considered the consequences of their planned indefinite strikes on the poor masses who do not have money to stock all they will need in their houses before August 14?.

Evidently, it is crystal clear that the labour leaders have shown themselves as lawless people with an evil intention to run down the government of this country and unleash more suffering in a greater dimensions than the one caused by subsidy removal.

The NLC should be civil and considerate in it’s demands and not act as terrorists out to devour the already over sapped Nigerians.
The labour leaders should challenge the suite in court and defend their action also in court to show reason why they willingly disobeyed court’s order.

After all, he who goes to justice must go with heavily stained hands.
To many Nigerians, the planned strike is unnecessary, uncalled for and seriously laced with political undertone outside the fuel subsidy removal and the labour should be held responsible in case of any eventuality.

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