RELIGION: 2024 Is Troublesome Year With Positive, Negative Mix — Olukoya

By The Evangelist news edition, Monday January 1, 2024. Admin.

Founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (MFM), Prof. Daniel Olukoya has described 2024 as a year of positive and negative mix.

Olukoya, who tagged 2024 as a ‘speedy and troublesome year’, urged Nigerians during the Church’s annual crossover service, on Monday, to follow the survival keys to scale through the year.

According to him, 2024 is a year of open doors and divine speed (Rev 3:7-8) for MFM members worldwide.

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“There is plenty to rejoice about (in 2024) and there is plenty to worry about. There are plenty of good things to look forward to. It’s a hydra-headed year, that is, positive and negative mix

“There is really much to add to 2024. 2023 was like a person running a relay race and just gave the baton to 2024. The difference is that the person they gave the next baton will now have to run faster as a relay race runner.

“So all the events that you saw in 2023 will certainly creep into 2024 and more will be added to it. In addition to what is already on ground, we must take strategic spiritual action,” he said.

Read full text below:


1. There is plenty to rejoice about, and there is also plenty to worry about. It is a hydra-headed year. A positive and negative mix! All the events from 2023 will dovetail into this year, and more will be added. In addition to what is already on ground, we must take spiritual strategic action.
2. It is a troublesome year, but not beyond spiritual control.
3. If you stop fighting this year, you start losing. If you reduce the temperature of your fire, the enemy moves in.
4. It is a speedy year. You must resist your weaknesses and strengthen your strengths so that God can move you forward in a new way.
5. This is a year to get your spiritual life on serious fire.
6. Pray, command, decree, and prophesy if you have to, but this year, give no place to the devil. Do what is called an overkill.
7. You must not involve yourself in trial-and-error kinds of endeavours. Find out what God wants you to do and do it.
8. Just like in 2023, the plagues, famine, strange wars, strange deaths, ritualism, bloodshed, chaos, political confusion, and economic trouble will still manifest. High level tension will increase mental troubles.
9. Drinkers of blood and eaters will be in serious rage.
10. Lukewarm Christianity is dangerous this year.
11. Demonisation of the minds of youths must be prayed about so it does not escalate. The youth of this generation need a lot of prayer on their attitude of disrespect, entitlement mentality, doing what they like, being interested in immediate pleasures, five minutes of sexual pleasure, and being a member of the marine kingdom.
12. Many ungodly kings shall receive the slaps of angels because it is a year of open doors and new beginnings for many, a year of uncommon deliverance and miracles.
13. This year, we must key into what is written in 1 Peter 2:9–10.
14. This year, the husband should be the priest of their homes because the anger of God will be released upon a family that will not call on the name of the Lord. (Jeremiah 10:25)


1. We must increase our prayer and fasting temperature.
2. We must live a life of uncompromising holiness—holiness within and without.
3. We must possess the spirit of the fighter.
4. We must be addicted to the Word of God.
5. We must take evangelism much more seriously this year.
6. We must emulate our Lord Jesus Christ by engaging in regular retreats (Luke 5:16).
7. You must understand how God speaks to you.
8. We must be very watchful spiritually.
9. Make a decision to always speak the truth. Do not be found in lies.
10. Develop a healthy and spiritual family life.
11. Do not joke with the MFM anti-infirmity missile prayers. Those prayers were what saved many people from death during the COVID-19 rage.
12. Do not turn again to the things you have left behind as an unbeliever.
13. Develop and covet spiritual gifts. Everybody can move in it (1 Corinthians 12:6).
14. We must be heavenly conscious.
15. Reject discouragement.
Refuse to be discouraged. Behave like David by encouraging yourself in the Lord.
16. Serve God with all your heart this year.
17. Strive for excellence in whatever you do.
18. Set goals for yourself this year.
19. Do not compare yourself to anybody.
20. Be a God-pleaser, not a people-pleaser.
21. Never speak or think negatively about yourself; to do so is waging war against yourself

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