Opinion: Governor Umo Eno’s Refreshing Leadership ….As Everything About The Leadership Style of Governor Umo Eno Of Akwa Ibom State Is Refreshing.

The Evangelist News Edition, Friday August 25, 2023. By Dominik Umosen, kindly like, share the link

The “Golden Boy” definitely added refreshing deviation to the narrative on leadership which many erroneously considered impossible without extreme arrogance.

From his admirable capacity to connect, even with ordinary folks, to moving about without noisy convoys which invokes contempt from the public, rather than genuine admiration, Governor Umo Eno confirms the fact that he came prepared for leadership.

It is therefore sad and regrettable that instead of encouraging a leader who behaves rationally like patronising public transport, some confused individuals criticised the governor’s strongly-recommended example of travelling by Ibom Air.

Those who criticised attitude which should be encouraged inevitably exposed their ignorance of the true essence of leadership. It is only by travelling in public transport that a leader can experience what ordinary folks endure, on daily basis. A leader who is too fond of private jets is not only detached from those he should be responsible to but also incapable of relating with public feeling.

So by criticising Governor Umo Eno for travelling with public transport, those who did so exposed their tragic ignorance of what constitutes responsible leadership which is the new deal on offer in Akwa Ibom State.

The refreshing change presented by a leader who is determined to stay connected to ordinary folks should be encouraged, not condemned. A leader who is enthusiastic about identifying with his subjects deserves admiration and encouragement. It is a positive attribute which indicates the fact that the administration of Governor Umo Eno will be successful.

Effective leaders are those who always stay connected with their subjects. And no leader who expects to be successful and responsible can achieve that from the detachment and disconnection provided in private jets.

For travelling by public transportation, Governor Umo Eno deserves commendation and encouragement, not condemnation.

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