Udoedehe’s folly, Umo Eno gains


By Sam Rivers

The tussle for the Ruling Party, PDP’s Governorship Ticket in Akwa Ibom State is between Mr. Umo Eno, and other contenders who are struggling to position themselves for the main battle.

At the moment, Mr. Eno is the leading aspirant, while others are pretending to vie for the ultimate ticket. Interestingly, there is no serious opposition from other Parties in the State.

The main war is within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), but if there is a slip, the main opposition Party in the State, The All Progressive Congress (APC) could exploit the mistake.Over the years, John James Akpan Udoedehe has enjoyed overwhelming support of the masses, especially those described as the downtrodden. He is larger than life status, was heavily promoted by the media.

A dozen of young reporters set their agenda for the Progressive Party in the State and Sen. Udoedehe popularly known by locals as John Akamasio became the arrow head of this group. He was foisted on the supporters by the media and became the cynosure of all eyes.

IMG-20220412-WA0037.jpgSen. Udoedehe

Surprisingly, he was seen as the candidate of the downtrodden, who earnestly wanted to be liberated from a ‘devilish regime.’ The media demonized the then administration of Godswill Obot Akpabio who was the Governor at the time.

Udoedehe benefited from the media breeze and weighty propaganda implored to boost his image.

He was the saint, a holy man, expected to liberate the people. His supporters were ready to give up everything, to ensure he becomes the Governor.

IMG-20220412-WA0038.jpgSen. Akpabio

Some paid with their lives and till today their families have not recovered from these loses.

The Journalists who made Sen. Udoedehe’s Governorship ambition the lead are now scattered, singing different tunes and with scars to show for it, yet the ‘crowned prince’ still pretend to hold sway, and continue amassing wealth: properties and cars which close friends described as his fantasy. Until recently, the masses had relied on Udoedehe as the Saviour who will redeem Akwa Ibom people.

Today, the truth is known. Sen. Udoedehe has only represented himself and his family, while his supporters are always left behind to suffer in penury.

He has never developed those young men, who toiled day and night to promote him.

Luckily for the Senator, he became the Secretary of the APC National Caretaker Committee (Caretaker and Extra-Ordinary National Convention Planning Committee) and was expected to help rebuild the Party in the State.

Such expectations became a mirage, in his usual character, Senator Udoedehe set the house on fire and successfully plotted its downfall.

During the Party primaries, he imposed his stooges as Party officers in about 21 out of 31 Local Government Areas in the State.

Prominent stakeholders were jettisoned and treated as pariah.He also demean his exalted position and could not work with other members of the National Caretaker Committee while effusively imposing his views on them. His unbecoming actions distanced him from others.

As an Ibibio man, he forgot that a dancer cannot admire his back while dancing.
It is others who watch his back. Udoedehe deceits and alleged selfishness are now legendary.

IMG-20220412-WA0039.jpgUmo Eno

No one feels comfortable associating with him nowadays because the scales have now fallen and the real Udoedehe is revealed. The former Chairman of Uyo Local Government has continued to revel in self-deceit even to his own chagrin.

He is presently confused, embarrassed and enjoying his conceit.

This farce has affected prominent politicians in Akwa Ibom State and in his usual oddity; he has not told them the truth while struggling to redeem his bartered image.In the past, Senator Udoedehe allegedly traded the Governorship ticket for monetary rewards and left his supporters in quandary.

All the support he gathered never meant anything to him, this is why the APC supporters have been taken for a ride once again and the Party his descending into abyss in the State.

Udoedehe is still misleading the dire hard Party supporters with false information.

This is apathetic and callous. Every day the party is losing members because of his poor leadership and careless talk.

Methink that no matter his ambition, lessons should have been learnt and selfishness sacrificed for the greater good of the people. John “Akamasio” has lost those glorious days and his proposed triumphant entry into Uyo with massive support rally schedule for this weekend will amount to nothing as his support base is no longer in existence.

He will soon understand the meaning of his foolery.As Udoedehe’s era and deceit passed away, Umo Eno gains upper hand.


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