By Solomon OKPO

A popular slogan has it that people are deformed if they are not well-informed.
This is true because the nature of information one receives can lead to a peaceful society and can also lead to conflict, quarrel, war, destruction and killings.
It therefore means that before any information is circulated to the public, groups or individuals, the sender must assess the contents and possible impacts of the information on the people before releasing it.
Due consideration must be given to what such information is meant to accomplish, while the mode of dissemination should be of utmost importance. This is in addition to the avoidance of ambiguity in the message.
As the new administration resumes in Akwa Ibom, there is need for mobilization of the people to cooperate and support the new government to start, sail and end well, for without massive support, the state will not achieve anything tangible for the benefit of the masses.
In choosing people to assist in the administration of the state cabinet, there is need for the governor to pick those he is sure will help to actualize his vision and execute such successfully.
More important in this category are those who handle information such as the press secretary, information commissioner and heads of government–owned media houses.
Past records of such appointees, their performances and contributions towards the enthronement of this present government must be taken into consideration as pointers to what they will do if given the opportunity.
To achieve this, the governor must not place personal bias, political, ethnic or religious interest above credibility and the overall interest of the state as such would be counterproductive and a cog in the wheel of the state’s progress.
Media houses owned by government must be well-equipped with modern facilities to enhance efficiency, while more staff should be recruited as old hands retire from service.
Of the media houses, the Akwa Ibom Newspaper Corporation is the worst hit as the Goss community machine installed since 2014 is yet to print anything since then.
Moreover, the last recruitment of staff was in 2010 while retirees have outnumbered those recruited since then.
Being a government mouthpiece, there is need for staff motivation like transport allowance, production allowance, refreshment during production and other motivations to enhance their welfare.
Also, facilities like vehicles, air conditions, internet services, computer sets, conducive offices, toilets, tables, chairs and others are necessary for effective performance.
The newspaper, for years now, has consistently been publicizing government’s activities, policies and programmes and can do more if encouraged by the government.
Consideration must necessarily be given to ad-hoc staff who have served there for fifteen years and above and who are being owed their monthly stipends for years now but without any hope of becoming regular staff.
This is why a God-fearing man with human face and sympathy for the plight of others must be appointed to take charge of the near-moribund corporation.
The governor must realize that he cannot succeed in office if the press is not well taken care of.
Here lies the need for effective information mouthpiece in Akwa Ibom.

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