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Makinde Akinlolu Maxwell: Osun State’s Unparalleled Administrative Genius

Sports Recorder edition, Saturday July 22, 2023. Isaac Sanyaolu

In the heart of Osun State, particularly in the entire South West region and in Nigeria at large, there resides a man who has left an indelible mark on the game of football. @⁨MAXUEL AKIN⁩, an unrivaled administrator in the world of the beautiful round leather game, needs no introduction. With close to 35 years of dedicated service to football administration in Nigeria, he has become a beacon of excellence and accomplishment.

Hailing from Ilesha West in Osun State, Makinde Akinolu Maxwell is a name synonymous with astute football administration. His leadership and expertise have been instrumental in shaping the football landscape, not only at grassroots levels but also at the top echelons of the sport in Nigeria.

Throughout his illustrious career, Makinde Akinolu Maxwell has worked with numerous football clubs, leaving an indelible impact on each one. He served as the Secretary for Exide Football Club in Ibadan, the Team Manager for Kwara United Football Club in Ilorin, and the Administrative Secretary for the revered Shooting Stars Sports Club in Ibadan. Additionally, he took on the role of Coordinator for prominent clubs such as Sunshine Stars FC in Akure, Gabros Int’l FC in Nnewi, Julius Berger FC in Lagos, and NPA FC in Warri. These clubs, under his guidance, achieved remarkable milestones.

Makinde Akinolu Maxwell’s contributions extend even further, as he also served as the Technical Assistant for Nasarawa United FC in Lafia and the Team Manager for Ilesa West FC in Ilesa, as well as Olutayo FC in Ilorin. At a point he also served as the General Manager for Arena Sports Consult in Lagos.

Makinde’s achievements in Nigerian football include helping four different Nigerian football clubs gain promotion to the prestigious Nigerian Premier League. This is no small achievement, and if we are honest with ourselves, it deserves recognition.

The history of Kwara United and 3SC (Shooting Stars) is incomplete without the mention of Mr. Makinde Maxwell. His name has been etched into the annals of fame for the numerous clubs he has worked with throughout his career. Even after parting ways with these clubs, his wealth of experience and expertise continues to be sought after, making him an invaluable mentor for their continued development.

Beyond his administrative prowess, Makinde Maxwell Akinolu has also excelled as a FIFA License accredited players’ agent since 2005. He has worked with both professional football players and coaches on both national and international platforms. Additionally, his affiliation with the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria (SWAN) further showcases his passion for the sport and his commitment to its growth.

When discussing football administration in Osun State, one cannot overlook the significant impact of Makinde Maxwell Akinolu. His genius in the realm of football should be cherished and celebrated, as his vast experience has the potential to elevate the sport at all levels. His dedication and passion for football have undoubtedly left an enduring legacy that will inspire and benefit generations to come.

As Osun State continues to nurture its sporting talent and foster a thriving football ecosystem, the invaluable contributions of Makinde Maxwell Akinolu stand as a shining example of what dedication, vision, and passion can achieve. His legacy remains an inspiration to aspiring football administrators and enthusiasts alike, as they seek to build a stronger and more prosperous future for the sport they love.

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