By edition, Saturday July 22, 2023.

Governor Umo Eno has sued for support from Akwa Ibom people to enable him discharge his official responsibilities by allowing him take decisions that will be in the best interest of the state.

The Governor was fielding questions from Government House Reporters at the Victor Attah International Airport, over the list of executive Council nominees he sent to the House of Assembly.

Referring to the new entrants as new blood, the Governor said ” I like new blood but I must test the new blood and be sure that they are the right blood. You don’t just take in blood. You must test the blood. So let’s test the blood.

On why he is retaining those who had served in the immediate past State Exco, he explained that it would be a mark of ingratitude on his part if he abandoned them after their enormous contributions to ensure his success at the polls.


“By my training and upbringing, people don’t go to a war with you and win the war and you push them aside. It is not a good thing to do because you will need them again for another battle and people won’t trust you.

“So these guys went to war with me, they were with me in the trenches and we won. How do I reward them, throw them away?”

He maintained that Akwa Ibom people have elected him to deliver on a mandate and should give him free hand to chose the people he should work to enable him deliver on the mandate.

“They have given me the job. Please they should allow me choose those that I believe will deliver on the Job. You can’t give me a job and at the same time chose those that will work with me.

“I believe that choosing the people that will work with me to deliver on the job is my prerogative. Akwa Ibom should judge me on the deliverables.

“Akwa Ibom has elected me to do a job for them. I have put forward the ARISE AGENDA which we will put forward on Monday to situate the ARISE AGENDA, explain to Akwa Ibom people and have a road map”, he stated.

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