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By The Evangelist News Edition, June 3, 2023. Admin.

Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has expressed gratitude to a former Governor, Arch. Obong Victor Attah, for the encouragement and support given him during the electioneering campaigns culminating in his emergence as governor of the state.


This was the hallmark of his visit, Friday, to the former Governor, Arch. Obong Victor Attah, and other strategic political stakeholders at the Shelter Afrique Estate residence of the former governor.


In his interaction with Government House Correspondents shortly after the meeting, Governor Eno acknowledged that appreciation is a godly requirement in response for goodness.

“people have helped you, they’ve supported you, you need to naturally just go round and tell them thank you, appreciate them, show them respect.

“That’s what this is all about and as we’re doing that we’re consolidating”, he stated.

This, he affirmed, he will embark on for the next one month to enable him bring the people together and strengthen his administration’s support base.

Giving insight into his leadership style, Governor Eno maintained that rather than lead alone, he would prefer collaborations with stakeholders as he has started with the elderstatesman, Obong Attah and other stakeholders.

“For me it’s normal work, to have a good team, put your team together, share your vision and we’re doing just that. I’ve started now to see past governors and thank them.

“They occupied the seat I’m now sitting, I need to show respect to that high office. That’s what we’ve started doing”, he explained.

On his part, the host, Arch. (Obong) Victor Attah, extolled Umo Eno’s approach to governance, describing his start as indicator of great things to happen for the people of the state.

“Governor Umo Eno going round is a clear indication that he is not going to insulate or isolate himself. He’s going to listen to people, know what he should do for them and put it into effect.

“His approach is such that everyone should appreciate”, Attah noted..

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