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Benefits of Blue Economy For Nigeria

By The Evangelist News edition, January 2, 2023. Admin.

The Blue Economy holds significant potential for Nigeria’s economic development.
Here are some of the key benefits:

Job Creation:
Both traditional and emerging sectors of the blue economy can lead to job creation.

Improved Food Security:
Sustainable exploitation of resources in the blue economy could lead to improved food security
Tourism and Infrastructure Development:

The blue economy can boost tourism and infrastructure development.

Green Energy:
It can contribute to the development of green energy.
Smart Cities and Ports:

The blue economy can lead to the development of smart cities and ports.

Economic Diversification:
The blue economy is a new frontier for economic development and a means of diversifying the economy through the use of resources from oceans, seas, rivers, and lakes.

Poverty Eradication:
If given access to modern technology, affordable funding, and market access, Nigerian women may be able to create a multibillion-dollar blue economy that would help to eradicate poverty.
However, to harness these benefits, proper policy frameworks are needed.

The blue economy concept aims to balance economic processes and social inclusion, hence the preservation or enhancement of livelihoods while also protecting the seas and coastal areas environmental properties.

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