How Democratic Is Democracy?

The Evangelist
October 31, 2022
By Solomon OKPO

As defined by Abraham Lincoln (Honest Abe), the President of America, the man who positively declared: “The Union must stand”, democracy is (should be) “government of the people, and by the people”, meaning that the will of the generality of the citizens must prevail in matters concerning their well-being and progress of their country.
Derived from the Greek words, demos, meaning people, kratein, meaning rule, democracy should practically and transparently be seen as government by the people directly or through elected Representatives, a Country State, with such government, the principle of equality of rights, opportunity.
As Nigerians just celebrated their 62nd year of independence from British rule, as they commemorate that epoch-making event of October 1, 1960, when, at the then Race Course areana, the UNION JACK was lowered and the GREEN WHITE GREEN flag was hoisted there is need for sober reflection to appraise achievements so far and correct obvious anomalies.
On the federal side, rules and regulations to prevent election rigging, ballot boxes snatching, and violence, intimidation, coercion should aim at spreading development to all areas especially the long-neglected places that had been groaning over the years for attention.
MONEY ticks ought to be eschewed.
For too long ‘Demoncrazy’ had been allowed free reign disguising as the real DEMOCRACY.
Demons roam everywhere polluting the minds of the uninformed.
Sloganeering ” APC, Change” may stir sentiment, practicalising that slogan will be appreciative.
Akwa Ibom State government is prepared to face the onerous tasks ahead 2023 led by the executive governor, Udom Emmanuel, to bring back PDP “Power to the People”.
People can applaud achievements so far.
But they expect more of road construction to cover rural areas to ease the ordeals of contractors must be closely monitored to ensure completion of contracts awarded them according to specification.
Nigerians generally and Akwa Ibom people particularly , are thankful to the God of all FLESH for keeping the UNION to stand.

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