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Reverend Dr Uma Ukpai speaks on how God healed his son born cripple after a nurse insulted him

My first son was born cripple. Everyone mocked me, and I laughed. Why? They did not know every problem has a time limit.

The day my wife gave birth to our second child, her nurse asked me, “That your son, is he still cripple?” I said, “Yes, Madam”. And she said, “You are the biggest idiot in Nigeria. If God heals, why can’t He start from your house?”

I said, “Madam, having turned your mouth into a basket mouth, he will start now.” “Father what do I do?” God said, “Move from song to song; raise a song unto me. I will take over your struggle from you.”

As I was singing, the boy fell under the anointing and slept off, woke up and said to me, “Daddy, angels were here. They have strengthened my bones and my legs. I can now walk, dance, and run. And I said, “Please, demonstrate for me”.

I went to the hospital and told the nurse and my wife that the cripple boy was walking. My wife said, “Remember you are a Reverend with Assemblies of God Church and you are not supposed to lie.”

When I insisted, she said that if she got home and it was true, she would give me a goat. We got home and the boy ran to meet her. My wife fainted. I said to her, “Madam, you didn’t promised me fainting; you promised me a goat. Please stand up and give me my goat.” She thought I was joking.

‘Promise and fail’ is a sin and I don’t want her to go to hell. I drove my car to her father’s house. I narrated everything to her father and protested that her father must produce the goat on her behalf. My father in-law looked at me and said, “Uma, you are too troublesome.” I said, “No Sir. Can I have the goat?” He went to his animal house and he brought me the biggest goat there.

I don’t know the situation around your life that has attracted mockery. From today, God shall turn your mockery into miracle, your shame onto fame and your disgrace into unusual grace!

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