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Illegal occupation of Ekid land by BUA Group, EPU commences legal action


By Assam Abia.

Following the continuous illegal occupation of Ekid Land, known as Stubbs Creek Forest Reserve (Akoiyak) by Bua Group, operators of Bua Refinery, the Ekid People’s Union, EPU, has received the mandate of the Ekid Nation, to commence legal actions, immediately to reclaim the land.

In a Press Release signed by its National President, Dr Samuel Udonsak and Secretary General, Barrister Bassey Dan Abia jnr, the Union said that the people of Ekid Nation were left with no other option to reclaim the land after every consultative options with the relevant authorities yielded no results.

“The Union continues to observe the unabated and illegal occupation of our Stubbs Creek Forest Reserve (Akoiyak) by BUA Group in violation of all legal pronouncement and historical facts, including the Privy Council judgement of 1918, the pronouncement of Olatawura and Justice Ephraim Akpata Commissions, amongst others”,

“The Union having obtained the mandate of the Ekid Nation, is resolute to defend our collective interest in line with the law. In this wise, EPU is left with no other option than to commence legal actions to reclaim our land since all earlier consultative options with the relevant authorities yielded no results”, the release stated.

EPU however emphasized that Ekid people are not against any investor or investment in Ekid land, but insist that such investment must be done with due deference to the owners of the land in line with best practices.

It is to be recalled that sometime around February this year, Mr William Mkpa, Chairman of Ibeno Local Government Council, in a video that went viral, purportedly handed over the Stubbs Creek Forest (Akoiyak) to BUA Group for Road construction leading to a proposed BUA Refinery. The action of the Council Chairman sparked bitter reactions from the people of Ekid warranting the State government to partially calm the storm but not permanently.

On the on-going political activities in Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria in general, the release stated that by its chater and operations, EPU is non partisan and it is committed to sustaining its neutrality. However, the Union encourages its members to participate actively in the political process and engage with any political party of their choice in accordance with the law.

“Thus, for all our members contesting the primary elections in their respective political parties, the Union hereby wishes them resounding successes”,

“EPU reiterates that the political advancement, wellbeing and health of Ekid Nation are among its core mandate and the Union is committed to defending it in accordance with the law of the land. Therefore, in the forth coming general elections, the Union will encourage and persuade its members to use its large voting strength to the benefit of only political parties that recognizes and accommodates the collective interest of Ekid people. Political parties are enjoined to understand and accommodate our collective interest within Akwa Ibom State polity; fairly and squarely”,

“Once again, EPU wishes all its members resounding success in the ongoing party nomination. Goodluck”, the release stated.

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