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Adeboye harps on total surrender for God’s elevation

Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) on Sunday said surrendering totally to God would bring about elevation and fulfilment of dreams.

Adeboye said this in his sermon with the theme “Supernatural Elevation” at the May Thanksgiving Service on Sunday.
According to him, elevation simply means movement to a higher level, quoting Psalm 121:1-2 and John 12:32.
He added that supernatural things were easy to understand if they were broken into two; super and natural.

“It is simply saying something that is superior to the natural. In other words, there is the natural and there is something that is superior to the natural. Isaiah 40: 28-31. If the natural hooks up with the supernatural, then the natural will be able to do what ordinary people cannot do.

Supernatural is that which enables the natural, the ordinary to do that which cannot be done by ordinary means. In Judges, Samson was brought to the Philistines and the supernatural came upon Samson and the ropes binding Samson broke as if they were touched by fire.

“He took the jawbone of an animal that became the vessel of mass destruction and killed a thousand people because he became connected to the supernatural, Judges 16:4-6.”
Adeboye said that the supernatural, that which is beyond the natural, could be found in two categories.

These, he said were, divine, supernatural that comes from God that’s the power that comes from God, Psalm 62:11, or the one that comes from the devil, Ephesians 2: 2.

“There is evil power that comes from the devil and there is good power that comes from God. The power of the Almighty God is superior to any power that the devil has Philippians 2: 9-11.
“Supernatural Elevation means reaching a height that you cannot reach by natural means. Power that is beyond natural power moving you to a new height.”
Adeboye gave examples of people in the Bible that God elevated through total surrender to include Joseph, David among others who surrendered to God and were elevated.

“Are you ready to do God’s will all the days of your life? It doesn’t matter where you are hiding, He will bring you into the open.
“The sun of somebody is about to rise and when your sun rises, God will see to it that it never sets.
“Are you willing to surrender your life to Him and do His will at all times? Until you surrender completely to God, the elevation will not start and if it had started, it will stop.

“ If you want to completely surrender your life to Jesus, ask Him to take over your life completely from now on.
“come to Him now because He is the one who can make sure your promotion is permanent.
“He is the one who can fulfil all dreams. Come to Him now, completely surrender to Him,” he urged

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