MOSIEND eastern zone demands immediate dismissal of Chief Press Secretary to the Bayelsa State Governor Duoye Diri

We the eastern zone of movement for the survival of ijaw Ethnic nationality in the Niger delta demand the immediate expulsion of the chief press Secretary to the Bayelsa state Governor senator Duoye Diri.

For his unguarded press statement insolently doled out against the revered person as the former president Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, we feel embittered by the unrestrained boldness of the chf press Secretary mr Daniel Alabrah to make such damaging derogatory public vocalization without any iota of caution in cognizance of the personality being referred to! we strongly believe that the Governor of Bayelsa state senator Duoye Diri was the tacit author of that impudent press statement by his complete intrepid mum on the matter, this is why it is appropriate to point accusing fingers at the Governor of Bayelsa state, by this cheap display of foolhardiness, the Governor of Bayelsa state has drawn a enigmatic face off with the MOSIEND of the eastern zone.

IMG-20220502-WA0012.jpgDaniel Alabrah

We wish to educate the Bayelsan government under the auspices of senator Duoye Diri that the track records of the former president is as stainless and unquestionably impeccable, the clamor about his recent decision to contest as president in 2023 under the platform of APC. is very well evaluated step, and does not this image denting foolish attitude from his own people as the Governor of Bayelsa state who seem to have forgotten so quickly when he pulled out of an impending colossal crushing defeat by the roaring David Lion.

If there’s any person amongst the contestants that can restore Nigeria’s economic glory and bring us out of the present economic impediments we are entrapped, it’s Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, MOSIEND recognizes the purity of leadership in a person not the party he belongs to, come to talk of it which political party has the entire Niger delta registered as a regional party of the south south? unlike the south west, south East, and the north who formed political party which they control, Duoye Diri and his middling substandard chf press Secretary should advice themselves any time any where onwards to be mindful of the etiquette on public utterances.

Finally we strongly demand that Daniel Alabrah be kicked out of office as chf press Secretary to Governor Douye Diri if he the Governor was not the serpent behind this rather senile and gullible ignominious outing, which in every look of it is pathetically unintelligent. We have spoken and waiting.

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