Jonathan’s 2023 Ambition: Bayelsa Govt, Diri’s CPS express divergent views


By Arodiegwu Eziukwu

The Bayelsa government and Chief Press Secretary (CPS) to Bayelsa Governor have expressed divergent views the one former President Jonathan’s ambition to contest the 2023 polls.

While Daniel Alabrah, CPS to Diri criticised Jonathan’s ambition to seek re-election as he would be restricted to a four year tenure and a shortchange to the southern slot, the Bayelsa government distanced itself from the comments.

Alabra insisted that his comments were his personal opinion which he was entitled to.

Alabra had said: “My personal view is that another Goodluck Jonathan presidency will shortchange the whole southern Nigeria.

“He can constitutionally run for only one term of four years. After a northerner, Muhammadu Buhari’s eight years, the south would spite its face presenting a president than can only do one term. For me, it is a No-No.

“On another front, Jonathan running on the APC ticket is totally unacceptable to me. After being president on the PDP platform for five years, joining the APC solely for the purpose of becoming President gives him away as being overly desperate.

“It rubbishes the tag on him as being a democrat.

“If he is still interested to return to the Aso Villa, why dump the PDP? Accepting to join APC because of the lure of the presidential ticket is like swallowing the poisoned chalice.

“And I’ll be too happy to see him lose if he contests. It doesn’t matter to me whether he is our respected leader from Bayelsa. My candid personal opinion,”.

On the other hand, Bayelsa government through the Commissioner for Information, Orientation and Strategy, Ayibaina Duba, has distanced itself from Alabrah’s comments.

“Government hereby dissociates completely with the views expressed by Mr. Daniel Alabrah. His views are not, cannot and should not be attributed to the Governor and Government of Bayelsa State.

“It must be stated here that Governor Douye Diri respects and holds the person and the position of the former president, His Excellency, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan in high regards.” Bayelsa Govt stated.

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