The Evangelist News edition, Sunday, October 15, 2023.By Assam Abia.

The Udoumoh Udonsak Family of Ekpene Afaha Eket in Eket local government Area, Akwa Ibom State, has lost their sister, Ma Grace Ben Assam (nee Grace Udonsak) at the age of 100 years.

The news of her death was delivered to the Udonsak family on Saturday October 14, 2023 by a delegation of the Assam Family of Etebi Idung Iwa, Eket, her matrimonial family, led by Chief Friday Assam.

Chief Assam informed the Udonsak family that their daughter slept peacefully penultimate week, eight months after her 100 years birthday in February 2023.

On hand to receive the Assam’s family was the President General of Ekid People’s Union, Dr Samuel Udonsak, on behalf of the Udoumoh Udonsak family.

Dr Udonsak welcomed the visitors with an aura of delight and said,

“I am extremely delighted to receive you and stand in as the father of our centenary sister, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother”,

“This is in spite of the fact that it is on the occasion of her peaceful departure in the Lord”,

“It is with due respect to our family head and the entire Udoumoh Udonsak family that, on their behalf, i welcome our in-laws, the great Assam family of Etebi Idung Iwa”,

Dr Udonsak said when their Auntie’s 100th birthday was celebrated in February 2023, it was clear that she was nearer heaven and the angels than this odd world and that her death was a deserved sleep in the Lord.

“Today, as we are told that she has slept in the Lord, we can prayerfully, with faith in God and the assurances of His scriptures, say that she is resting in peace on the bossom of the almighty God, may God’s name be praised”, he said.

With gratitude to God for a life well spent, Dr Udonsak described the late centenarian as “the oldest in our climes”, adding that she was a dedicated nurse who served humanity at all levels till she reached her peak as a matron.

“She believed in the Florence Nightingale creed, such that the plethora of nurses and doctors that dot our families today were all encouraged, assisted, and inspired by her”,

“A true woman of substance, talent, and grace; she was born as the only girl child in a family of 4 boys. I could say she certainly outlived them to the age of more than 100 years and perhaps outclassed them, too”, Udonsak said.

“Today as per tradition, Etebi Idung Iwa has come to notify us of her death and demand of us, the traditional list for her burial”,

“The Ekid People’s Union that i sit as the current President General now discourages expensive ceremonies of this nature that seek to deepen the grief with impoverishment, i will choose to lead by example”, he maintained.

“The Udoumoh Udonsak family reminisces and is appreciative of the exposure, care, and love that she enjoyed whilst with the Assam as a dutiful wife and mother”,

“So, we have no list for you. Not at all. You may bring what you can and be purely symbolic, or you may bring nothing at all. To be clear, in the upcoming event of her obsequies, the Udoumoh Udonsak family will stand shoulder to shoulder with you”, Dr Udonsak assured.

He said that the deep grief, loss, and even God’s rich comfort would be jointly shared.

“We thank you so much for coming and welcome you happily to our family gathering, may God bless us all’, he finalized.

The head of delegation of the Assam’s family thanked their in-laws for the warm reception and assured that a date for the “celebration of mama”, obsequies will be communicated to the Udonsak family in less than no time.

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