GOV ENO FLAGS OFF 1.1km SPRING ROAD CONSTRUCTION PROJECT IN IKOT EKPENE URBAN …Reiterates Govt Determination To Encourage Indigenous Contractors

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Akwa Ibom Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has flagged off the construction of a 1.1km Spring Road, being the dilapidated access route to Goretti Secondary School, with 0.875km Outfall Drain, in Ikot Ekpene Local Government Area.

Flagging off the project at the General Hospital Junction, Ikot Ekpene, Governor Eno tasked youths across the state to sharpen their skills and showcase their expertise for government patronage, pledging the readiness of his administration to support youths to rise to their greatness in their endeavours.

He cited the case of the Chief Executive Officer, CEO, U&K Limited, Engr. Ukeme Peters, who has excelled in the construction business having been groomed by Engr. Uwem Okoko of Hensek Integrated Services and directed upcoming contractors to register with the state Ministry of Works, assuring that contractors with proven track record of service delivery would be patronised to underscore his campaign promise of raising more indigenous contractors to handle projects by so doing checkmate capital flight.


The Governor assured that tested hands in project execution would be engaged in the execution of community based projects undertaken by his administration, explaining that everyone cannot be accommodated in government through appointment as they can also be made employers of labour.

Governor Eno commended the dexterity of the CEO U&K, Engr. Ukeme Peters in project execution and assured him of another contract if the Spring road construction is completed in five months as scheduled and advised the company to adhere to project specification, emphasizing that his office is setting up a Monitoring And Evaluation Committee to evaluate projects and report to him directly to ensure the delivery of quality jobs for the citizenry.

” What we are trying to do is to show the capacity of our youths. I would like to thank his mentor, Engr. Uwem Okoko. I told him during the campaigns that I want to produce more HENSEKs in Akwa Ibom State . He is the father of them all as far as Akwa Ibom is concerned but we need to produce younger people and he promised me that he was going to assist in mentoring them.

Engr. Ukeme is one of his mentees. We have tested him in small things and he has shown his capacity in performance.

“I want the youths of Akwa Ibom to know that if we find them capable of doing anything positive that could contribute to our development we will use them to do those things. I think that is the message we are trying to send. It is not enough for youths to indulge in begging. It is necessary for our youths to have handwork so that we can recommend and engage them positively when we need their services.

“As we go round to community and rural based projects, we need those young people and it is important to go to the Ministry of Works to get registered, show us the samples of small things you have done and we will encourage you to do much more. When I find you worthy, we will use you positively and we will give you something to do.

“Not every one can have appointments in Government. You yourself can be an employer of labour. As it is today, you can imagine the number of persons this man will employ. He has given me three months, but I am giving him five months. I want to promise you, if we commission this road by end of January next year on that spot, I will give you another job. Please put in your best and follow the standard.”

The State Chief Executive used the occasion to advise companies undertaking various projects against compromising the Committee, warning that he would not hesitate to dissolve the Committee when the integrity is questionable and appealed to the construction firms to stop wrongful termination of drains to avoid erosion and water log experienced in some areas.

Governor Eno particularly appreciated members of other political parties that attended the flag of ceremony, noting that development is beyond political party platforms but for whoever is ready to effect the development for the benefit of the people.

To him, political party is a mere platform for contesting elections, after the election comes development which addresses the basic needs of the people and commended the vision of the Commissioner for Works, Prof Eno Ibanga, having brought the project to limelight, informing the people that selection of projects for execution is based on felt need and benefits to the greater number of the people.

“We want to thank God for the privilege he has given to us to come back to Ikot Ekpene to redeem the promise we made to them concerning this road. I also want to thank Ikot Ekpene for the overwhelming support they gave to us during the campaign and ensuring that they cast their votes for us. By the grace of God, we will not disappoint you. We will do the best we can to bring to you the dividends of democracy.

“I want to thank all members of other political parties that have come out to join us here. Development is no not based on sentiment or any political party platform. Development has to do with whoever is there and wants to embark on development. Political Party is only a platform to contest election, and when you finish, you go back to the people and develop the places.

“I may not be able to reach everybody one by one but I know that if we do the things that we said we will do, we will touch the majority of the people. That is what development is all about. I commend the Honourable Commissioner for Works that actually brought this project to fore.

“When we select projects, we don’t do it because we know anybody. We just look for the places that are affected and where it can touch the lives of the people. So we thank God that we are here today.”

On the project execution, Commissioner for Works and Fire Service, Professor Eno Ibanga, said the quick intervention of government on the Gorretti School road was driven by Governor Eno’s determination to salvage the worst road conditions and ameliorate the sufferings of the people.

He regretted the collapse of culverts on the Spring road which predisposed the area to erosion, saying that the intervention will divert the water from Control post, Abak road to a low point passing through the outfall drain of 0.875km and thanked the Governor for approving the project execution .

The Political leader, Senator Emmanuel Ibok Essien, recalled how political jobbers used the sorry state of the Spring road to score cheap political points to mobbed support for their parties and thanked Governor Eno for the initiative of commencing work on the road within his first hundred days in office, expressing hope that the glory of Ikot Ekpene as the first experimental Council area in Nigeria will be restored in Governor Umo Eno’s era.

On her part, the Principal of Goretti Girls school, Dr Mrs. Eno Ekere, pointed out that the construction of the road has brought succour to the school community which has been through untold hardship over time due the poor state of the road, describing the governor as a caring father, promise keeper and extended the gratitude of the school to the governor.

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