Huge Crowd, Perm Sec, Directors, others Receives New Humanitarian Minister as She Resumes Office Minutes After Her Inauguration …..Reassures Nigerians Of Speedy Results under the Renewed Hope agenda.

The Evangelist News edition, Tuesday August 22, 2023. Roselyn Ntekim

President Tinubu has on 21 August 2023 officially inaugurated his Ministers with a charge to immediately hit the ground running as neither him nor Nigerians will accept anything short of speedy result and success as the President is very passionate about bringing a renewed hope in the lives of Nigerians by alleviating them from poverty amongst others.

Immediately after the inauguration, the Honorable Minister for Humanitarian Affairs and Poverty Alleviation Dr. Betta Edu resumed her new office and was received by the Permanent Secretary, Directors, Heads of agencies and a huge crowd at the ministry. The P.S Dr. Nasir Sani-Gwarzo who briefed the Honorable Minister on the activities of the Ministry over the past 4 years, appreciated her for her sterling performance over the years stating that she’s the perfect person to head the Ministry judging from the fact that it is the closest to the people as it addresses so many issues for millions of people. He said incidentally 21 August 2023 is the 4th Anniversary of the ministry and the appointment of Dr Betta Edu is indeed a renewed hope for the ministry.

Addressing the entire staff and management of the Ministry, the Honorable Minister thanked and commended the Permanent Secretary and his Staff for being steadfast, hardworking and dedicated thereby keeping the Ministry running. She assured them of a transparent and result oriented administration while charging them to get ready for the task ahead.


“It was very necessary that we get to work immediately, President Tinubu came very prepared and has given us a charge during the inauguration to get to work and hit the ground running as he won’t accept or condole any excuses or failure. Nigerians are desperate for a renewed hope and that hope has to come now. There’s a lot to be done hence the importance of my making sure that we begin this journey just few minutes after my inauguration.

“I operate an open door policy as such they won’t be room for excuses, am a team player and a good listener, it is therefore expected of us to work in synergy, speed and determination as that is the only way we can meet up with the huge expectations of millions of Nigerians, yes we owe them that. The task ahead of us is enormous but must be surmounted, we’ll put smiles on the faces of about 136m poor Nigerians by creating at least 10 million jobs, unveiling the renewed hope poverty alleviation agenda amongst other things She promised that in few months they’ll begin to see results, because the team President Tinubu has put up, very capable, resolute, determined, and desperate for results.


Indeed it is a ‘RENEWED HOPE’ for all Nigerians as President Tinubu came very prepared,” the Minister added. The Humanitarian Ministry seeks to ease human suffering and maintain/reestablish circumstances that honor and protect human dignity with a mission to develop good humanitarian policies and provide effective coordination of National and International humanitarian interventions that will benefit Nigerians and remove them from poverty. The will also be working on President Tinubu action plan to pull 136 million Nigerians from poverty. The journey to achieving this great feat has just began, Nigerians will get results soon especially as the Ministry is in the hands of an experienced and result driven leader with very outstanding achievements and success story.

The Permanent Secretary Dr. Nasir Sani-Gwarzo, mni officially handed over documents as well as the entire affairs of the Ministry and sector to the Honorable Minister in the presence of Directors of the Ministry, Agencies of the Ministry and the Media.

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