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By edition, Wednesday July 12, 2023.

An endowed country with a massive land mass should not only feed its citizens but have enough for export. Nigeria is a case study of a country with a massive land mass and our lands are fertile. Massive investment into research and modern techniques will be pivotal to higher production of agricultural products which is key to food security.

Records have it that Niger State has the largest land mass out of all 36 states followed by Borno State. Borno State’s security challenges in recent years is another bane to Nigeria agriculturally. The state of insecurity in the North East has contributed greatly to the food insecurity in Nigeria.


Interestingly, Niger State’s land mass is almost two times that of The Netherlands in Europe. What am I driving at? The Netherlands as a country is one of the largest exporters of agricultural products in the world. The Netherlands’ heavy investment in research has a direct correlation with the exponential growth of their agricultural produces.

Niger and Borno States with the right agricultural developmental framework and plans can earn Nigeria enough foreign exchange for more developmental projects. There should be a total shift from the mono-cultural economy to a diverse agricultural space. Nigeria has an array of agricultural higher institutions whose existence should impact meaningfully on our food production.


We also have to invest in our undergraduate and post graduate students by sending them to agriculturally advanced countries to tap from their knowledge.

Where are our agricultural settlements? If they still exist, are there basic amenities to attract the required manpower and investors?

Our governors should think agriculture with less dependence on monthly allocations. Lagos State may not have a large landmass but the investment in processing of agricultural produce is monumental. A good example is the rice mill at Imota area of Ikorodu, Lagos.

We can do more as a country via a revolution in our agricultural sector. (Source: TRIBUNE).

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