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Nigerian Army asks 120 generals, colonels, others to proceed on retirement

The Evangelist
December 31, 2022

Amid the security crises confronting the country, the high command of the Nigerian Army has directed over 120 major-generals, brigadiers, colonels, lieutenants, captains and others to proceed on compulsory retirement.

The affected officers, who include those who failed their Senior Staff Course Examinations, were ordered to submit their letters of voluntary retirement or face summary retrenchment.

It was gathered that the exercise was in accordance with the Public Service Rules and the Armed Forces of Nigeria Harmonised Terms and Conditions of Service, 2017 (Revised).

It was learnt that the number of senior and middle level personnel that would be required to leave the service might be higher than 120 as those concerned were being given their letters of compulsory retirement in batches.

According to Punch, the first batch was given a deadline of December 24, 2022, to tender their retirement letters.

It was further gathered that the affected personnel would proceed on the mandatory three-month pre-retirement leave from January.

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