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Christmas: Vote For People Who Will Maintain My Govt’s Good Momentum – Buhari

The Evangelist
December 25, 2022

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to vote for those that will maintain the momentum his administration has created for the greater good of the country.

In his Christmas message to Nigerians on Saturday, the President said the 2023 general election was an opportunity for Nigeria to show the world it has consolidated on its democratic principles.

He expressed the hope that the peace and joy of the Christmas season, will continue to the elections and beyond.

Buhari said, “this joyous season has coincided with the period of campaigns to usher in a new administration. I urge you to be circumspect and vote for those that will maintain the momentum we have created for the greater good of the country.

“It is another opportunity to show the rest of the world that Nigeria is indeed ready to consolidate its democratic credentials as has been noted in international circles.

“Let the peace and joy that pervade this period continue well into the new year up to the elections in February and beyond.”

President Buhari also assured Nigerians that those who violently seek to disrupt the peace of the nation have lost the battle.

“Our country is blessed with a wealth of human and material resources. Let’s celebrate our blessings this season with the trust that a better dawn awaits Nigeria.

“I heartily rejoice with our Christian brothers and sisters on the occasion of this year’s Christmas.”

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