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ASP Killed, 3 Passersby Injured As Navy, Police Clash in Lagos

The Evangelist
December 5, 2022

There was pandemonium at the Satellite Area of Lagos at the weekend, as a Navy personnel stabbed an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) to death.

The clash between the two security agencies had many people injured as the angry naval personnel attacked passersby who tried to mediate.

A witness, a commercial bus driver, Steven Ogbodeto, told Daily Sun that while on operation at the Oluti area of Agboju, he saw a police patrol team arguing over an undisclosed issue with some uniformed navy officers, so we stopped to see if we could wade in and settle the dispute; but the naval personnel went wild as they started fighting the policemen.

“The naval personnel were on two motorcycles and they were four in number. During an argument with the police, one of them slapped a policeman, who retaliated. The naval personnel, who were armed with Jack knives, descended on the policemen and other passersby who tried to mediate.

“They stabbed many people; while some of the policemen and other victims were bleeding, we took to our heels because the naval personnel were ready to kill anyone on sight.

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