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We Are Raising Funds To Assist Flood Victims Across N/Delta Region -Ijaw Diaspora Council

The Evangelist
October 25, 2022
By Arodiegwu EZIUKWU

Ijaws in diaspora under the auspices of Ijaw Diaspora Council (IDC) on Monday said that they were coordinating humanitarian intervention for flood victims in the Niger Delta region.
Prof Mondy Gold, President, IDC said in a telephone interview that the diaspora community shares the pains of their kit and kin at home and empathised with them.
He explained that Dr. Antonia Garner, Director of Humanitarian Services at IDC was coordinating the emergency relief fund raising amongst its members in diaspora, donour agencies amongst others.
According to him, although the flood impacted some 33 states of the federation, residents in the lower Niger basin were the worst hit by the flood waters as the rivers overflowed their banks and damaged infrastructure.
He said that the group plans to compliment the efforts of state governments in the Niger Delta region who are already overwhelmed by the needs of the flood victims.
He applauded the resilience of the Niger Delta people andcalled for urgent intervention by the federal government to bring relief to ameliorate the suffering of the people affected by the flood.

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