How Husband Discovers Wife Is Secretly Married To Gateman

By The Evangelist
October 22, 2022

A young woman has been dragged online after getting married to two husbands in secret.

Her two husbands did not know the other existed until they bumped into each other on the road and started asking questions.

Apparently, her car sold her out after her first husband borrowed it to run an errand.

While on the road, a gateman approached him and asked why he was driving his wife’s car. He argued with the gateman who presented the car documents as evidence.

To strengthen the evidence, the gateman brought photos of his wife and it was the same woman named Acheing.

Acheing had even mapped out a schedule for her two husbands. She sees one on only weekends and the other husband, during the working days of the week.

Mjengoke who shared the story via Twitter said:
“You borrow your wife’s car to run some errands in town. Then as you park the car, a gentleman approaches you and politely asks what you are doing with his wife’s car?

“You tell him it’s your wife’s car. He takes you to his office and shows you the car’s logbook and other documents. Meanwhile, your wife (the mother of your 2 kids) had all along told you she bought the car with a loan she took from her workplace’s SACCO loan.

“You tell him to show you the photo of his wife. He shows you the photo of his wife. Voila! It’s Achieng your wife! Same photo. Same photo. He say his wife works in Kericho and sees her only weekends.
“Meanwhile, your wife allegedly attends her Masters Degree classes every weekend in Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega every weekend, for the last 1 year.”

Social media reactions
Kfk Mukadi said:

“Count your blessings, take your wife on a holiday, spoil her with expensive gifts for your wife loves you more than the other bloke. 120 out of 168 hours a week & you are allowed to drive the car your co-husband bought. What else can you ask for?”

Isaac Adwar wrote:

“I go back home keep quiet after some days i ask her to show me all the details about her car.”

Chiso Chris asked:

“When she was pregnant with the 2kids , what did she tell the other man abi she’s already given birth B4 marrying the other man?”

Darwin Ford commented:

“Now who is the father of the two kids? That’s the elephant in the room. Don’t be surprised when the let me take a hike wannabe is the father of the two kids since mon-friday his privileged to see the kids.”

Miss Dee added:

“I am sure the 1st Husband must have done something to make her want to get a 2nd one. Maybe he nags her alot, You can’t blame the woman for wanting peace. Besides, if she can comfortably take care of both of their needs, I don’t see the problem.”

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