Adeboye reveals top secret: ‘How they sent EFCC after me for buying Jet’

The Evangelist
January 8, 2023

The General Overseer, Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor Enoch Adeboye has revealed a top secret how the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) was sent after him for buying a jet some years ago.

He spoke early Saturday during the Holy Ghost Service of the Church, tagged: “Wonderful.”

According to him, years ago, when the Almighty God provided him with a jet, there was a lot of noise, as people were criticising him from right, left and centre.

He said: “They sent EFCC to come and probe me, “Where did he get the money to buy a jet?” etc. The noise was much. Then one day, I was flying because I didn’t buy a jet for pleasure; the work has expanded to the level that there is no way I can do it by commercial traveling.

“If you want to travel by commercial, you have to wait for their timetable. If I have to wait for their timetable, I won’t be able to do what God wants me to do. I mean to give you an example: I finished in our European Convention in Spain one night, 33 nations gathered together; as soon as I dismissed the program around 12 midnight, I head straight to the Airport to travel over to Hong Kong.

“I arrived in Hong Kong the following day, did what I needed to do and then moved on to Singapore. I arrived in Singapore, did what I needed to do and then headed for Australia. I got to Australia, did what I needed to do, I headed to Papua New Guinea.

“I needed to touch all those places, minister to them, dedicate the churches, ordain pastors and be back before the next Holy Ghost Service. There’s no way I can do that by the commercial plane. That’s what led to the jet. The noise was great and I was becoming a bit disturbed. “Father, what do I do now?”

Adeboye added: “One day I was flying; it was during the day, far above the cloud. I just felt the Holy Spirit saying, “Look out of the window.” I looked out of the window and said, Lord, I can’t see anything. He said, look down at the cloud and I saw a rainbow.

“Now normally a rainbow is an arc but this rainbow that I saw was a complete circle and it was extremely big. I looked down into the center of the rainbow and I saw the shape of a plane. It looks as if the rainbow was moving, always keeping the plane in the middle.

“The Lord said to me, “Son, the shadow you see is the shadow of this your plane. I have you surrounded.”

“I decree to somebody here today, My Father who is a consuming fire will surround you! He said to me, “Don’t answer them, I have you surrounded.”

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