Appeal Court clears all APC House of Assembly candidates in Rivers for 2023 election

The Evangelist
January 6, 2023

The founder and president of Omega Fire Ministries, Apostle Johnson Suleman has advised people on the need to reduce the habit of spending too much.

While speaking to his church members, Apostle Suleman said that people are not really rich, they are wise. He said someone has six perfumes and each of them will be used on different parts of the body but such a person’s account balance is zero. He advised them not to eat their future.

He advised the audience to have a budget. He revealed that the second car which God gave him, he budgeted money for fueling the car in a week. He narrated how someone saw him on a motorcycle and queried him on why he is not driving his new car, he told the person that he has exhausted his budget for the week.

He said that as people grow on life, they will understand how less important things are. He said that those people, building big houses now will soon regret it. He said some persons are building high rise buildings with a staircase but when they grow old, they will see that they cannot climb it. Apostle Suleman explained that men who build high rise buildings ends staying on the ground floor when they are old.

He said that one day, he looked at his house with so many rooms and became very angry at himself for wasting such money. He said that he always stays just in one room so he was angry for the empty rooms in his house. He said that it is only in heaven that Jesus promised that there will be many mansions and their was no need for the waste.

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