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5 year old Akwa Ibom boy creates multi-million Naira NFT


By Assam Abia.

Justin Ukpong, a grade 1 pupil has created a 3D replica of the ultra modern 21-storey Dakkada Tower located in Akwa Ibom State and will be auctioned on Friday, 13th May, 2022 with a floor price of 30 Ethereum (over 36 million Naira).

Justin made this creative Non Fungible Token (NFT) 3D project at the just concluded Easter Animation Bootcamp organised by Ibom Animation Academy, powered by Mayamaya Studios in collaboration with HTG Ibom E-library.

Besides owning an iconic and ultra rare digital art, an innovative real life use case of the Non Fungible Token is to allow someone in China (or anywhere in the world) to have a virtual tour experience of Dakkada Tower and buy/rent the physical property without stepping a foot in Akwa Ibom. The transaction will be executed with a smart contract; making it the first real estate property in Africa to be tokenized using blockchain technology.

“Also, apart from owning a decentralized ethereum backed asset which you can sell for profit, we are building a metaverse to showcase Africa’s art and culture.
Dakkada Tower NFT holder can buy, sell or lease virtual office spaces, and carry out business activities, showcase or sell NFTs in the metaverse”.

According to the startup founder and little Justin’s coach, Rekpene John, “our vision is to make Akwa Ibom the Disneyland of Africa by sparking creativity in 3D digital art, animation, gaming, Virtual/Augmented Reality, and metaverse”.

“Our goal is to train children between 5 – 16 years with 21st century animation skills that are relevant to their future. The Dakkada Tower NFT project provides the platform to learn and earn”.

“Ideally, these tech skills should have been incorporated in Nigeria’s curriculum and taught in schools like in the US and UK but unfortunately it’s not obtainable, that is why we are here to bridge the gap and ensure that our children are exposed to the right knowledge, technology and digital tools to maximize opportunities and compete favorably with their contemporaries globally”.

The public auction of Dakkada Tower NFT on 13th May is just the first phase (seed sale target to raise N200m from angel investors) and proceeds will be reinvested into the development of the project’s road map and use cases.

To join the auction whitelist, get investor’s brochure and further enquires contact:

With a passionate team, clear roadmap and viable community driven use cases, Dakkda Tower NFT is set to put Akwa Ibom State on a global map and open a vista of opportunities for young people in the tech ecosystem.

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