Umo Eno Leads The Pack

As more aspirants through in their hart into the ring, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Governorship race becomes a mince-meat for the supporters of Pastor Umo Eno, the leading aspirant for the converted ticket, who is fast rounding off his consultation programmes across the state.

Before now, the race was seen as a one way battle between Bassey Albert Akpan popularly known as OBA and Pastor Umo Eno, while others were also gallivanting for recognition. Their posturing was not strong enough to attract the crowd. They operate as if there was nothing at stake.

In the midst of this recognition warfare, the truth is gradually coming to fore. The purchase of the governorship form has not translated to serious agitation for the said governorship ticket. Definitely, we shall soon separate the boys from men.

Gradually, the party is gaining momentum and seriously, repositioning itself for the main election. Some millionaires, National Assembly members and Commissioners have indicated interest to vie for the governorship ticket with little or nothing to show for their ambition, and making a mockery of the race.

The show has lost its glamour, the struggle for delegates is no longer attractive as this aspirants do not seem to know what is at stake. During a recent conversation, an aspirant told yours truly that he was amassing money for delegates without even knowing the numbers of delegates involve in the game. Hence, the Umo Eno groups supposedly are ahead of the game and their aspirant is on the lead.

Every day in the state capital, posters of aspirants or maybe potential aspirants are pasted on the wall of buildings around the city centres, the electorates do not understand what is actually going on again as this contestants are far away from the reality. The only message ringing on everyone’s ear is confusion, not aspirant’s manifesto.

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