Udom As Nigeria’s President

Surprisingly, those kicking against the ambition of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, do not know the dynamics of politics. The ongoing politicking and zoning game as it concerns the ticket for the Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidency contest are far from reality.

The present argument against his declaration for the Presidential contest seems to be trite and mundane. At a recent consultation, Mr. Emmanuel declared that he has the panacea to solve the Nigeria problem, judging from his experience as a governor, he is aware of certain information especially on security matters which his opposers do not have. Therefore, he knows what to do at a given time than the non-initiates. Those we regarded as experts in governance and earnestly voted for them have turn out to be failures, there is need to try other options.

When the Governor of River State, Mr. Nyesom Wike announced his entry into the race, Nigerians who knew nothing about his performance as a governor jumped and clapped, mostly acting on hearsay and rumours, thinking he is the right person for the job. At this time that Nigeria is at a crossroad, we do not need only a political solution but every solution that can pull the country out of the woods.

When the Akwa Ibom State Governor met certain stakeholders of the party in Abuja recently, although the meeting was a private affair, yours truly got the snippets, it was glaring that most of the aspirants do not know what is wrong with Nigeria but Udom Emmanuel is vested with the remedy.

Most times, as an astute administrator, he may not openly market his ‘wares’ like those who claim to be eloquent politicians. Nigerians do not need eloquence leaders. This is the time to depart from the norm and practically find the best solution to Nigeria’s problem. We must get it right or allow Nigeria to implode.

To my mind, Udom Emmanuel should be in the forefront of consideration for the office. His critics should look before they lip. Previously, those we entrusted the Nigerians state on as our leaders have played dice with it, and this gambling should be led to rest for Nigeria to survive.

Governor Emmanuel needs all the support to push to the top and be involved in reshaping the Nigeria for the future. We cannot continue to play second fiddle in a country that we are major stakeholders.
This is the second time a governor from the state is trying to contribute to remaking of Nigeria, yet we often sit on the fence thinking that our own should not a part of the new era.

The first Akwa Ibom man who offered himself to serve Nigeria was Obong Victor Attah, his main opposition was from within while others rallied around him, but he lost the race because of his high wired opposition against his campaign for resource control which is an issue that is still lingering in Nigeria today. Every day, we keep demanding for the control to be whittled from the centre and moved to the state, yet Attah’s ambition was wrong, why don’t we support Udom? A young motivated leader ready to step in and topple the applecart.

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