A’IBOM @ 36: I PREFER AN IMPACTFUL TERM TO A USELESS TWO TERMS – GOV. UMO ENO • Promises Commencement of One Project Per Local Government

By The Evangelist News edition, Saturday September 23, 2023.

Akwa Ibom State Governor Umo Eno has expressed his preference for serving a single impactful term rather than two ineffective terms in office. He addressed concerns about his ability to service stakeholder structures and the impact it may have on his chances of re-election.

Speaking during a media parley to commemorate Akwa Ibom State’s 36th Anniversary, Governor Eno emphasized his commitment to investing in the well-being of the 7.9 million people of Akwa Ibom, rather than a select few.

Governor Eno highlighted the importance of maintaining a balance between recurrent and capital expenditure, with savings being directed towards improving rural areas through the establishment of schools and hospitals. He stressed that a successful first term is crucial before being asked to serve again. The governor also acknowledged the prevalent dependence on government and expressed his determination to address this issue.


“We are striving to maintain a balance between recurrent and capital expenditure, ensuring that we prioritize investments in rural areas. Every N500 million saved can be directed towards building schools or hospitals to benefit the community.

“I believe in the significance of a successful first term over an ineffective two-term tenure. It is through accountable governance and delivering results in four years that the opportunity for re-election arises. My focus is on ensuring the satisfaction of the 7.9 million people of Akwa Ibom. I have observed that there is a widespread dependency on government, and it is my responsibility to address this issue.”

Regarding infrastructure development, Governor Umo Eno recognized the challenge of maintaining existing infrastructure and the lack of a maintenance culture. To address this, he revealed plans to establish an asset management agency to ensure proper maintenance. He emphasized the need to build new infrastructure only when necessary.

Governor Eno discussed his plans to revitalize rural areas in the state, including collaborating with the 31 Local Government chairmen on agricultural development. He revealed that a minimum of 50 hectares of land per Local Government Area would be allocated for farming. In addition, he mentioned ongoing efforts to bring development to rural communities, such as the construction of model schools and the introduction of ambulance services.

Governor Umo Eno reaffirmed his commitment to implementing impactful projects across all 31 local government areas in the state, in order to fulfill his campaign promises. He acknowledged the specific needs and requests for each local government area, and assured that these promises will be fulfilled.

While acknowledging his imperfections, Governor Eno promised not to make decisions that would lead to regret for the state. He expressed his gratitude to President Tinubu for including him in the delegation of governors attending the 78th UN General Assembly meeting in New York.

“I am not perfect, but I promise that I will not deliberately launch this state into something we would regret. We will do our best,” he assured.

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