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Just this morning as l set out for an event at Akpabio International stadium, Uyo, I realized I had left home much more earlier to catch up with 11 am event but welcomed into the world of reality by the Cool morning breeze sweeping the street of Ikot Ekpene road by Itam flyover covering with wirld flood.

Suddenly, I was eluded by peace and serenity which was flying all over the nooks and crannies of the street.

Ironically, I knew something was just not right as the street on a Wednesday morning is relatively crowded with people struggling to find the routes to their various houses, working places, I could hardly see anything that looks or resemble a human being. “very strange” I murmured.

I threaded the lonely path alone while occasionally swaying into my own thoughts, so many things kept running in my mind in quick succession but one side of me always cautioned me about the unusual emptiness of the street.

Somehow I managed to reach my house amidst tension and pressure which eluded and kept skyrocketing to it’s zenith as I drew near the end of the house i got into our community estate which stood just opposite a filling station by the road.


I had barely settled down when I heard people mourmoring and whispering some unintelligible words outside which to my understanding was Igbo language.

The feeling of uneasiness took over me again but this time stronger as though it was being supported by ten gigantic men.

I could hardly think of anything positive but rather was accompanied by the aura of melancholy and sadness.

The incoming tropical storm is expected to bring between 2-3 inches of rain over a short period of time.

We advise residents to prepare for the potential of flooding and to remain vigilant of hazardous storm conditions.

Avoid flood channels and driving or entering water of unknown depth, as moving water can quickly sweep you and your vehicle away.

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