OPINION: Collateral Damage Arrogance Inflicted On Leadership … Condemning Umo Eno For Doing What Is Right

The Evangelist News Edition, Monday August 21, 2023. By Dominik Umosen

Very sad that for doing what is right and proper, Governor Umo Eno of Akwa Ibom State was pilloried and harassed by critics, instead of being hailed as the rightful face of focused and God-fearing leadership.

For subjecting himself to routine security check at the Victor Attah International Airport, Uyo and boarding a commercial Ibom Air flight to Abuja, the governor was condemned by critics who considered his position as governor as too important to be subjected to routine security checks.

Rather than feel disgust for such ill-informed critics, I extend my sympathy because they demonstrated hangover from extreme arrogance which was brought to bear on power and leadership.

After some individuals in positions of leadership and privilege stole so much that they became richer than the position they held in trust for the people, the leaders became so arrogant that they considered themselves above routine security checks which Presidents of civilised and developed countries readily subject themselves to.

President Emmanuel Macron, for example, of France even rides a bicycle which is impossible in Nigeria.


That is primitive arrogance which got so intense that ill-informed folks pelted Governor Umo Eno for reminding us that state governors are first and foremost human beings.

Others considered and carried themselves at tin-gods who deserved nothing but private jets which further complicated the debt-burden on the state.

But for doing the right thing, some ill-informed critics who deserve to be recalibrated for normal behaviour, considered voluntary submission of self by a governor for routine security check an abomination.

That is how low arrogance dragged the psyche of some unstable folks in a society terrorised by primitive arrogance.

Our dear Governor Umo Eno, the “Golden Boy”, go on demystifying the myth of extreme primitive arrogance which was woven around power and leadership which should always defend public interest and morality.

Fly in Ibom Air for as long as it will take to reconstruct the average psyche which was distorted out of joint by the cult of extreme primitive arrogance.

The ordinary people of Akwa Ibom admire you for being determine to reconstruct the narrative on leadership.

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