GOV UMO ENO BANS INDISCRIMINATE SAND MINING …Moves to Reclaim Erosion-ravaged Area in Ewet Offot

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Akwa Ibom State Governor, Pastor Umo Eno, has moved to put an end to indiscriminate sand mining in the State.

The Governor announced the prohibition order during an on-the-spot inspection of the Udo Inwang by Urua Udofia streets erosion-ravaged area of Ewet Offot Community in Uyo.

He said the prohibition is meant to prevent distortion of the natural topography, environmental degradation as well as loss of valuable properties of citizens to ecological disasters in the state.


He therefore ordered that digging up of borrow-pits and all sorts of excavation be discontinued forthwith, except with express permission from the Ministry of Environment and Mineral Resources.

“I have stopped all forms of excavations of any kind in this state; what is called borrow pit, without the express permission of the Ministry. This is because most of the erosions we are having today result from illegal mining. Let us coordinate those things properly so that if there are drains, we can know where it will be terminated.” he emphasised .


Interacting with the Village Head of Ewet Offot, Etteidung Ben Bassey John and members of the community who have grossly been affected by the disaster, Governor Eno, regretted the devastating condition and sued for understanding with assurances of government’s intervention on the erosion problem as soon as possible.

“I expect that with the next two weeks, the Honourable Commissioner for Works, Prof. Eno Ibanga, should be able to come up with something. And we pray and trust God that nothing will happen in two weeks. We have to follow the due process to get that job done”.

Governor Umo Eno directed the Commissioner for Works and Fire Service to carry out an assessment of the erosion menace and come up with relevant paper works for the award of contract to reclaim the erosion site.

The Governor who also stopped by an excavated portion at Clement Isong Avenue, said putting an end to reckless digging of borrow-pit was aimed at curtailing erosion related menace that could degenerate into ravines resulting in destruction of lives and property.

In a related development, the governor also paid an unscheduled visit to the Akwa Ibom State Agricultural Development Programme, AKADEP, at the agency’s headquarters office, AKADEP House, Clement Isong Avenue, where he frowned at excavations by the fence of the premises and the attendant danger they pose on buildings along the line and re-emphasised the ban on such activities across the State.

At the AKADEP House, Governor Umo Eno sued for concerted efforts by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Akwa Ibom Fadama and AKADEP, to pursue the goals of the A.R.I.S.E. Agenda for attainment of the desired agricultural revolution.

He frowned at the unkempt environment of the AKADEP House , saying that he has released imprest to Ministries, Department And Agencies to enhanced the smooth operations of offices and directed that the AKADEP premises be kept in habitable condition.

He directed the Accountant General of the State to ensure immediate release of the month’s subvention approved for the agency to aid the maintenance of the facility, while sounding a warning to heads of MDAs to desist from misappropriating imprests, maintaining that imprest and subvention were meant for day to day running of offices and not for private use.

Governor Eno stressed that the AKADEP premises should accommodate demonstration farms to test- run and showcase new species of crops and proudly conduct visitors and interested farmers around them to promote State Government’s agricultural programmes.

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