Letter to the Church:”IT HAS COME TO PASS!”

The Evangelist News edition March 16, 2023. By Ima Nkanta

The prophetic word, “It shall come to pass,” appears in several chapters of the Bible. It is an accentuation of the unfailing word of God. Whenever God has said, “It shall come to pass,” it has always been complemented with, “And it came to pass.”

This powerful prophetic pulsate is the sum total of what has become Pastor Umo Bassey Eno today.

Who would have believed that Pastor Umo Eno who was quietly and stresslessly going about his business in Eket would suddenly become one of the most talked about personalities in Nigeria today? But this happens because the prophetic word, “It shall come to pass,” was on his head several years ago – now manifesting.

Many know him today as the PDP governorship candidate for March 18 election but a few have known him beyond the politics of succession. He’s an enigma, a mystery, a vessel that words really cannot adequately describe.

I’m not here to bother you with much background talk about Pastor Umo Bassey Eno but to acquaint you with the assurances that what God said many years ago concerning him has come to pass. What’s it?

While in the womb of his mother, someone she didn’t know met her on her way to the maternity and said to her: “The child in your womb is a male child. He shall be great, he will be the ruler (leader) of his people. But he will go through many travails, such that people might lose hope on him, but do not be afraid, for no harm shall come upon him because God is with him and will make him to triumph over all that the enemies shall do to him.”

This golden piece is contained in a published interview I had with his late mother to mark his fiftieth birthday a while ago.

To his mother, the glory of greatness her son had attained then was so baffling, given that he had lost his policeman father at the prime of his life and was left to fend for himself and siblings alone.

Yet God miraculously lifted and clothed him with royalty and wealth found only among the kings.

She had acknowledged then that she never thought her son could fulfill the prophecy about his surpassing greatness. How joyous she was then to behold the glory of prosperity and influence on her son then in his private business and ministry!

But what she didn’t live to see is the unfolding part of the glory. She was abundantly fulfilled calling his son the Governor then. Little did she know that the title governor was equally prophetic of what is to be from May 29, 2023 when her son would be officially sworn in and accorded the full compliments of the office of the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

As believers, we have come to accept the fact that every prophecy from God will require human agency to come to pass. The prophecy about the Messiah required the human agency of virgin Mary to come to pass. The prophecy that “the government shall be upon his shoulders” equally requires human agency to come to pass. God’s government spans the millennial reign, it has already begun before the beginning. It rests on the shoulders of men and women that fear the LORD!

This Saturday, the Church in Akwa Ibom State will join the eligible voters to cast their votes to their preferred candidates. There are many candidates but only one will be eventually elected and returned.

I’ve seen by experience that whatever has been said about Pastor Umo Eno has so far come to pass. None has failed, howsoever turbulence the road may have been.

His victory in the election of March 18, 2023 is just waiting to be announced…And this too shall come to pass!

It is therefore most passionate a plead to make that as Christians, we shouldn’t look elsewhere in the ballot than the umbrella.

God has already stirred up the hearts of millions who will cast votes for Pastor Umo Eno. Be part of this victory.

Let us share in the honour of supporting the servant of God, let’s join hand in supporting one of our own.

How do I mean? If cultists will support a cultist, why don’t we as pastors, as choristers, as prayer warriors, as communicants support ours? Pastor Umo Eno is very simple, loving, caring and fatherly! A man who is so blessed to be a blessing to millions of Akwa Ibom citizens!

Recall that Israel as a people didn’t support Jesus as the Messiah. They rather betrayed him to be crucified by the Romans, only to realize they made a terrible mistake. They missed it!

We should be wiser now than the Jews then; let’s support a fellow pastor who presides over 5000 members each Sunday service, who serves holy communion and conducts water baptism to countless others, amongst other pastoral roles and responsibilities in the body of Christ, he undertakes.

True Christians must neither be distracted by the multitude of lies and falsehoods thrown at him by his foes, nor the several court cases instituted against him, as God has seen Pastor Umo Eno triumphing over them all.

His strength to bear all insults is not by any human power but God’s.

As Christians who truly desire that the Church should march forward against the gates of hell, we must persuade others at our reach to vote Pastor Umo Eno. A vote for him is a vote for the kingdom of light against darkness. A vote for him is a support for continued peace, unity of the Church and prosperity for all in Akwa Ibom State.

Awhile ago, the church prayed for a godly successor to Governor Udom Emmanuel and it has come to pass. Come Saturday 18th March, let it be generally echoed everywhere in Akwa Ibom State, ‘It has come to pass!”

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