It is no longer news that the Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NEMA) has listed Akwa Ibom as one of the States to witness heavy flooding during the year.

What is of concern to the citizens is however, the preparedness of the State government to combat and assuage this looming disaster.
Of late, reports from media houses including The Evangelist News in Akwa Ibom have consistently highlighted the impact of flood in various communities affecting roads , farmlands and households.



People are terrified to see buildings, household items, vehicles and crops being swallowed by flood and the poor citizens crying for help.

This is why Governor Umo Eno’s recent visit to Atiku Abubaka’s flood zone and an order to provide drainage in the area is a welcome development.

As the State’s chief executive has taken a bold step in this direction, the burden, now rests on the relevant government agencies to effect the governor’s order before it becomes too late.


It has been observed that many gutters in Uyo metropolis have been filled with silt over the years, the blocking of free flow of flood.

This has often resulted in flood taking over the roads and houses while in the process, our roads are damaged.

The state government should not take NIMET’S warning lightly but should take bold steps to safeguard the lives and property of citizens by providing proper drainage system in the State.

Consequently, there is need to mobilize equipment to remove silt from the gutters while citizens should be enlightened on the dangers of dumping waste into the gutters.

It is disheartening to note that street cleaners employed by government have been sweeping the dirt into gutters while the eyelets have been blocked.

Moreover, street trading should be checked as the traders have contributed significantly to blocking the gutters.

In addition, those caught dumping their waste into gutters should be arrested, prosecuted and fined to serve as deterrent to others.

The government and all citizens must work together to save the State from being overwhelmed by flood.

All hands must be on deck to lesson the impact of flood in our State and the time to do is now!

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