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Goalscorer Uche John says Rangers must not dwell on shock Abia Warriors defeat

Uche John insists Rangers must not dwell on derby day defeat to Abia Warriors.

Rangers were stunned 2-1 by Abia Warriors following a 90th minute winner from Uche Moses at the Umuahia Township Stadium.

“We had a great game, scored an equalizer in the first half, had control and then we still lost all the points at the end,” said Uche John who scored his first goal of the season during the game.


“We let three points slip away when we had the match under control,” continued the center-back, who admitted that his team “gave away opportunities to a rival that didn’t have mercy.”

Uche added: “We lost and now we have to pick ourselves up. There’s no time to feel sorry for the defeat.”

The skipper hasn’t given up hopes of top three finish with just six points keeping them adrift of Abia Warriors: “You can only accept that the top three chase is over at the end of the season, not now.”


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