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Cletus Bassey Parades Unknown Bishops to Anoint OBA, as Members kick

The Evangelist News edition, March 6, 2023. By Eyo Ntefia

After months of denial that he hasn’t decided on Senator Bassey Albert as his governorship candidate to support, Bishop Cletus Bassey made a volte face yesterday and anointed OBA amidst protest by some members of the congregation who felt unease to witness the macabre spiritual acrobatics.

In a well attended ceremony at Destiny Church owned by Bishop Cletus Bassey, OBA, flanked by his wife and some leaders of YPP knelt on the altar for the anointment.

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Meanwhile, none of the Bishops which surrounded the altar were easily identified, as known faces of Akwa Ibom State bishops and apostles clearly stayed away from the occasion.

Meanwhile, at the left wing of the congregation where I sat, many members were sighing in protest and shuffling their feet on the floor when Bishop Cletus Bassey told them that OBA was revealed to him by God to be the governor of Akwa Ibom State.

As I made to interview one of the Bishops, the following conversation ensued: “Sir, you took part in anointing senator OBA as Governorship Candidate of YPP for Akwa Ibom State…(interjected with left hands raised) “Ehen, Ehen, I’m not here for interview, I’m traveling back.” The Bishop said as he boarded a hired vehicle and left with three other gown-cladded Bishops.

Another clergyman who took part in the ceremony simply said he wasn’t told it was to anoint OBA as Governorship Candidate. He said he was against a cultist taking over power and was wondering why the event held in the first place, since the Bishop didn’t discuss the issue at the college of Bishops.

The clergyman who refused to give his name said that the selection and anointment of OBA was Cletus Bassey’s personal decision and not the collective decision of the Bishopric college he was a member

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