Babantan At Appeal Court: Before Judas Iscariot Hangs Self

The Evangelist News edition, February 21, 2023. By Ima Nkanta

Remember Judas Iscariot…he was among the prominent apostles of Jesus Christ but sold out to the devil by his avaricious nature. And he betrayed his master and saviour Jesus Christ. He committed suicide out of unbearable shame, reproach and inability to withstand public opprobium. Judas the Iscariot carved a bad niche for himself and his generation. Before he died, he had thrown back the blood money to his co-conspirators. He didn’t even buy biscuits with a penny. Sad!

In the political turf of Akwa Ibom gubernatorial election 2023, we suddenly found a recently ostracized member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Hon. Mike Enyong dancing with the devil. He had abandoned the duly recognized PDP primaries of the state to conduct his own primaries with his supporters at his house and announced himself the winner.

Notwithstanding, the PDP and INEC didn’t recognize him. He went low, and no one knew what he was up to until a fortnight ago when he emerged from Damaturu with a court order touting himself as the PDP guber candidate for the election.

The euphoria that greeted Enyong’s devious conspiracies was no less widespread as the opposition elements who conspired with him, seized the occasion to celebrate him as their hero. Given his insatiable crave for publicity stunts, Enyong enjoyed the air of instant heroism and rode high on the tide of the opposition media eulogies. His was like the Ottoman conquest of the medieval lords. A pyrrhic victory that was soon to evaporate.

What Mike Enyong didn’t know was that, like Judas Iscariot, he was exalting himself up for total destruction. Today, he is being hunted for criminal conspiracy and forgery; the police authority is reportedly on his prowl. Soon he will be picked up for investigation, however, farther he has run, he cannot escape the long hand of justice.

Meanwhile, as the Appeal Court, Abuja, which was approached by PDP to upturn the decision of the lower court on grounds that it erred on the side of the law, Babantan laid ambush again, yesterday he hurried to the appeal court to stop it from holding proceedings and eventual judgment but failed, as the appellate court rejected his attempts to meddle further.

But how will Babantan do with the shame, disgrace and opprobium the case will bring him? It will drive him to hang himself like Judas Iscariot did. Babantan Will likely hang self. The tide has turned against him. He will not survive the dark storms of public opprobium on him over the failure of his ill-fated path of ignominy. He’s sinking into the helplessness of political quicksand that no one survives.

But before Babantan hangs self, let others who nurse the same cruelties against Pastor Umo Eno learn lessons from his calamitous fall. If the fall of Hon. Akan Okon was not enough caution for anyone blinded by lust for power to keep off attacking, rediculing and reproaching the anointed of God, Babantan’s case should pop-open their lulled sensibilities.

Before Babantan hangs self, he should expose all those whom the devil used to deceive him onto a fruitless pursuit of vain glory. He shouldn’t drown alone, he should grab the throats of all those who coaxed him on, nudged his bloated ego and shoved him forward. Even hell and all the subhumans beneath will not be happy if Babantan die this type of embarrassing death alone. I so submit!

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