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DJ Cuppy’s fiance rushed to hospital after losing Boxing contest

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January 17, 2023

Ryan Taylor, the fiance of popular Nigerian disc jockey, DJ Cuppy was recently rushed to the emergency ward after taking a severe hit at the boxing ring.

According to the couples who had revealed the incident, Ryan had taken a punch in the eye.

The fight between the famous YouTube star and boxer had ended in a farcical controversy after it ended within a minute against rapper swarms.

Cuppy had also taken to her Instagram handle to describe how frightened she was after Ryan was rushed to the emergency ward.

“The LOML ♥️ THANK GOD your eye is recovering. You scared me from ringside straight to A&E… Sorry fans, I pick his eyesight OVER any boxing match ANYDAY! #SorryNotSorry.”

The famous Youtuber had also made remarks on how the incident had turned out the way it was, he had also commended his partner, puppy for her support after the match.

“WAAAAY TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED! @cuppymusic said, “Babe don’t stress over what we can’t control, We don’t even need this sh*it anyway let’s go party.” Thank you everyone for the supportive messages.”

“Honestly it’s still confusing to me how or why it happened but everything happens for a reason. This fighting game ain’t a joke and once we step in that ring anything can happen doesn’t matter how tough you are.”(sic)

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