Nigerians Are Poor Because Of Bad Leaders, Greedy Politicians –Edo Governor, Obaseki

The Evangelist
December 29, 2022

Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State has said that Nigerians are poor because of bad policies and decisions the country’s leaders have continued to make.

Obaseki, who spoke in Benin City, the Edo state capital, attributed the worsening unemployment and poverty in the country to bad economic policies by leaders and the country’s over-dependence on importation.

He, however, advised young Nigerians to change their attitude toward work and begin to undertake small work and grow gradually instead of waiting to grab it in a big way.

He said, “The reason why we have a lot of unemployment is because we would rather import what we consume than make them here.

“When you manufacture or grow what you consume, you’ll be able to now invest and employ people to produce those things, but when you import, your money goes to employ people who are outside the country.”

“We are poor because of the bad policies and decisions our leaders continue to make. Our problem is not money but a few people trying to keep the money to themselves to the detriment of everyone in the land,” the governor added.

Urging for a change of attitude among young people in the country, Obaseki further stated, “Our youths have to change their attitude to work. This attitude of not wanting to start small must change. People have come here, they will make the money and return to their countries and tomorrow, they will be richer than you. You don’t become rich in one day. You start small and over time become rich.”

Assuring youths of the state government’s support to realise their full potential, the governor added, “We are encouraging people to grow feed products. We’ll give them the support. Communities should make land available. The government is prepared to support you and bring investments to your community if you create the environment for us to.”

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