Bishop Emmah Isong Empowerment Outreach Hits Town

The Evangelist
December 29, 2022
By Victor ETIM

Bishop Emmah Isong of Christian Central Chapel International, CCCI, in Calabar is known to be continually giving new dimensions to the gospel business. Last weekend, the bishop took a new face of the gospel – empowerment – to his village, Iton Odoro, in Ikono Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State.

He has been at the forefront of helping the poor and the lowly of society to find their feet by way of support. He does this yearly during the celebration of his birthday every October as he hardly fails to visit places like the Motherless Children Home at Otop Otop in Calabar, to distribute cash and gifts of various kinds to the inmates.

But this year, the man of God decided to give this gesture a new face by going back to his root to empower widows and orphans. It was one action that strongly raised their hope of the entire village. Christmas was being celebrated in a different way – the way they never had it before. The villagers will remember the special day for the rest of their lives.

The man of God, who stormed the village under the auspices of Bishop Emmah Isong Empowerment Outreach, on December 23 distributed gift items including cash, clothing, shoes, wrist watches and foodstuffs to the widows, orphans and the indigent ones in the community.

Women and youth groups, elders, family heads and chiefs were not left out in the show of love. Elders, youths and women groups parted with N100,000 each, a certain woman identify as Eka Udo – a relation of Bishop Isong received N100,000, while the village head; the chairman of the village council and his cabinet got N50,000 each.

Each of the widows also went home with six yards of wrapper, rice and cash; the orphans and other children received wrist watches, the youths got face caps and T-shirts while the village security personnel received rechargeable touch lights.

Bishop Isong, who is the chairman of Cross River State Anti Tax Agency and the national publicity secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria, PFN, said the empowerment will be a yearly exercise to cushion the effect of the harsh global and national economy on the people.

He said the empowerment was not a political exercise as he is not a politician but was borne out of the love of his family for his village. Bishop Isong said the empowerment outreach would henceforth visit the village on the eve of the yearly Iton Odoro Day.

Earlier, a brief religious service was held as part of the event, where the Rev. Akan Ikpano, preached on the topic, “Your Prison Days Are Over.” In the sermon, he urged the people to stay close to God and be prayerful like Paul and Silas did in their moment of affliction.
Ikpano, who explained that lack, sickness and hardship or any forms of satanic influence on the individual, family or community, amounted to a form of affliction, told the villagers that righteous living, prayer and closer walk with God had the power to set the afflicted free from any forms of influence and bondage.

Rev. Ikpano said that the visit of Bishop Isong to the community had opened new doors of blessing and opportunities to the people. The event was capped by so much of sharing together, exchange of ideas, eating and drinking.

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