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Clubs Reject Abridged League Format, As IMC Shifts League Opener To January 8

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December 22, 2022

Nigerian football lovers eagerly expecting the kick off of Nigeria Professional Football League ( NPFL) this year, may have to wait till next year as representatives of the clubs have rejected the abridged league format, reports

The meeting between the IMC and the representatives of the clubs ended in a stalemate, as the clubs insisted on prosecuting a straightforward league where all the clubs will play one another in the season.

Totori News further gathered that the clubs informed IMC that they do not mind Nigeria to have the same clubs that played the African club competitions this year to repeat same next year.

It was a very heated atmosphere between the IMC and the clubs was the response from one of the representatives when asked the outcome of the meeting.

The league stakeholder who preferred to be annoymous informed that IMC will not force the clubs to start the league this year and abridged league is a no go area.

“We are the ones risking our lives in the league. The IMC will not force us under any disguise to commence the league this December.

“We know what some of us have suffered this period looking for money for our clubs. Personally, i have done everything possible to see that fund is released from my state governor for the team, but nothing yet,” the annoymous stakeholder said.

When asked that the IMC already secured sponsorship money for the league and it will be better for the NPFL clubs to agree, he quickly replied with harsh tone.

“Which money? Audio money or what? Let them give the clubs money. The clubs cannot start the league without seeing something tangible on ground.

“I have taken risks with my property to take loan from the banks for my club. We cannot be spoken to as if we are children.

“Anyway, as it stands now, majority of us are not in support of what IMC is proposing,” he said.

In a related development, Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye, the chairman of the IMC said that the draw for the New season will be done on December 28 and the new season will kick off in January 8 next year.

“Draw is for December 28 and the league will start January 8 that is it,” Hon. Elegbeleye said.

Hon. Gbenga Elegbeleye,.IMC Chairman
When asked if the IMC will give the clubs financial support to kick start, he replied that the IMC will definately give the clubs, but no figure was quoted.

“We had a meeting with football league stakeholders on the way forward for the Nigeria league.

“We will definately give the clubs start -up support. The amount will be determined by our sponsors.

“All these reports about N200m, N500m, N25m are just mere speculations,” he said.

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