2023: We’ll Stem Rural Urban Migration – Pastor Umo Eno

… Commends Gov Emmanuel on Industrialization Strides

December 7, 2022.

Barely five months to the end of the current administration in the state and in the country at large, governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Akwa Ibom State, Pastor Umo Eno has promised to stem the tide of rural urban migration in the state when elected into office in 2023.

Speaking on a TVC’s Breakfast Show, Pastor Eno noted that his economic blueprint for the state code named, the ARISE Agenda is a well articulated document put together after a thorough research to guide developement plan of the next administration based on areas of need.

Pastor Eno who is the immediate past Commissioner for Lands and Water Resources, commended Governor Udom Emmanuel for following through his vision which was basically focused on industrialization.

According to him, “The Udom Emmanuel administration has done exceedingly well in the vision that he brought to governance which was to industrialize the state and move the state away from being a core civil service state. He has done extremely well in that area. He has opened up the state through the three economic gateways of land, air and sea; and you can see for yourself doted all across the state are development projects that he has completed.

“Even outside the state, he has taken Akwa Ibom to the world. Ibom air is flying very high and recently we had two new additions to the airline’s fleet. We need to continue, yes! But we need to also build. That foundation that has been provided needs to be built upon and that’s why we tried to set up our own economic goals and it is encapsulated in a five point aspiration which I call the ARISE Agenda.”

Emphasising on his blueprint, the governorship hopeful said, “We sat down, did a needs assessment and properly looked at the issues that we need to build on and to move away from dependency on oil and we came up with the ARISE Agenda which have five aspirations; Agriculture revolution, Tourism and Environmental management, Rural development – which is the very key in my heart, because we really need to take development to the people in the rural area. The rest are Infrastructural Maintenance and Advancement and Security Management.”

“We need to stem rural – urban migration, need to ensure our youths are gainfully employed, we need to continue with the infrastructural maintenance and advancement. There’s no end to infrastructural development of any state. Then of course, the main function of governance which is security management.

“You know we have a lot of issues that we’re dealing with at this time all around the nation. Akwa Ibom has so far, by the grace of God, remained one of the most peaceful states in this country. There’s a need to continue doing the things that Governor Udom Emmanuel has done and is doing to maintain peace so that businesses can thrive” he added.

Pastor Eno noted that he has enjoyed the support of Akwa Ibom people because the people are in need of someone with character, capacity, competent and compassion to carry on the work of the Governor Emmanuel-led administration.

In his words, “this is the reason why you need someone who has that capacity. Who has done it before and coming from the private sector that I’ve had the privilege to work and run my own business in the last 25 years and grown the business, I believe that I have the understanding of what it takes to provide job, to also empower people to get back to work. That is why I am running for the office of the governor of Akwa Ibom state.

“I am an entrepreneur and I know how we can make money out of this State. We must completely move away from waiting until the statutory allocation comes. We can’t continue with that. We must begin to think about how to feed ourselves and then export.”

“We are yet to tap from the natural resources that God has so graciously bestowed upon us in Akwa Ibom State. For the people in the riverine areas, we need to begin to see how to give them speed boats, trawlers, canning factories; fight piracy, all in a bid to ensure that we benefit from the blue economy,” he said.

Pastor Eno who reiterated that rural development will be a major focus of the next administration added, “we also need to look at our primary healthcare system because if you want to tackle rural-urban migration, you must provide facilities across the 31 local government areas to ensure that life is worth living in these areas. In every ward in this State, there will be cottage hospitals. We will work on local roads, markets and everything that will enable the local people to enjoy the benefits of democracy.”

He also stated that he will create various hubs in Agriculture, fashion etc while encouraging support structures and value chains in each sector which will ensure that these SMEs benefit from economies of scale.

He promised to pay special attention to vocational education so that more Akwa Ibom youths will become job creators instead of job seekers.

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