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I Am Single And Searching But Men Call Me Grandma, I Feel Sorry For Myself

The Evangelist
November 4, 2022
By Trendinginkenya

Being single maybe good but after sometimes, loneliness start creeping in despite the many years you may have.

A lady by the name celes caleb according to facebook profile is feeling sorry for herself in her single status after men abuse her that she is grandma. She is requesting men to sto abusing her because it hearts her.She has veen posting in Christian singles and searching group looking for suitor Since march last year but yet to find suitor.

Celes caleb is single mother with 3 child and currently lives in Nairobi

Jean paul – Wishing i was near you,,,i could hug and whisper sweet words into your ears… you are so beautiful and adorable wachana na huyo jamaa akwende

Gideon- Weeeeeee…. Stop complaining about God instead go on your knees remember where you went wrong na umurudie mungu…maybe you paying wot you did in the past or is in your family so break thise alters

David lumumba- I can see you’re still your you have to worry yourself… Your time is coming, but I want to know you better….

Justine – And the way you are beautiful,
He was just jealous of you

innocent – No stuations is permanent

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