2023 GUBER: OBA’s Blueprint, A Recalibration of Pastor Umo Eno’s ARISE AGENDA – Dr Uduot Iwok

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October 23,2022
By Inyene PIUS

A University don and Head of Public Relations Department of the University of Uyo, Dr. Uduot Iwok has flayed the blueprint of the Young Progressives Congress (YPP) Gubernatorial Candidate, Obong Bassey Albert, describing it as a replication of the Arise Agenda of Pastor Umo Eno, the Gubernatorial Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking to newsmen in Uyo, shortly after the gubernatorial flag-off by the YPP candidate in Uyo, on Saturday 22nd October 2022, the PR Expert expressed consternation over what he termed a ‘recalibration of Pastor Umo Eno’s ideas’, clearly encapsulated in the Arise Agenda.

Dr. Iwok noted with dismay that the job creation agendum of the Arise blueprint was copied hook, line and sinker by the YPP candidate and questioned his capacity and credibility to provide 500,000 jobs in the state in two years, whereas he’s never owned a kiosk where one or two persons are employed.

‘How can a person without a single enterprise restructure the concepts of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) to align with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)? It is lamentable that people just duplicate documents they know nothing about. In the academia, it’s called plagiarism – which is a serious offense, punishable by law.’

‘On job creation, Pastor Umo Eno, the Peoples Democratic Party Gubernatorial Candidate has an earned reputation as a job creator, who is currently running a conglomerate in which about a thousand people are working. Between him and those making verbal promises, who do you think the people will believe has capacity to create jobs?’ , the PR Czar probed.

According to Dr. Iwok, ‘the YPP blueprint seems to me a recalibrated Pst Umo Eno’s Arise Agenda; a confirmation and reaffirmation that Pst. Umo Eno leads while others follow. He is a trail blazer and pathfinder. Don’t forget that Pastor Umo Eno had presented his arise agenda about 6 months ago and it clearly encapsulates his policy direction on Job creation, the civil service, tourism, youths development, among other areas, which the YPP candidate has copied. It is worrisome that copycats have chosen to replicate it.

Dr. Iwok, however, maintained that there’s nothing wrong in copying good things, but the source of the document, being Pastor Umo Eno should be acknowledged, to ascertain it’s credibility. ‘It is good to copy good things, but copyright or patent right should be credited accordingly’, Dr Iwok said.

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