Writing Makes Man Overflow To Impact Generations Yet Unborn – Ray Akusu


By The Evangelist edition, October 5, 2022.

Writers and readers are in some ways united through thought shearing. Most of all, thought process is distilled by knowledge acquisition nortured through time and experience. Ray Akusu, writer and author well fits into the above frame, having passed through the Catholic Seminary, sold and still sells books, the fountain from which he draws wisdom embaded in this books. In this chat with “My Literary Hub”, Akusu allows a peep into his art world.

Ray Akusu, you have a book titled, ‘School Na Scam’. How would you classify it – fiction, non-fiction or faction?

The world is driven by alliteracy, how come you still believe in writing and not focus on your book trade only?

I wrote the book because as a book trader and a bibliophile who has read over 500 books, I didn’t see any book that addresses the issues I addressed in the book the way I addressed them. My book trading experience has proved people will read if only they can lay their hands on the right materials to address their problems.

How did you get into writing?

By reading. Francis Bacon said ‘Reading makes the man full’. And I would like to add, ‘it is writing that makes him overflow so as to impact generations yet unborn”. I got into writing by first reading. Because as Dike Chukwumerije will point out, “to write, you have to read a lot more than you write”.

Who in Nigerian writing space has influenced you?

What advice would you tell youths who lag behind in being occupied meaningfully?

I would advise them to be educated and not just schooled, just as I had advised in my book, ‘School Na Scam’; The Lie They Made Us Believe.

What remarkable things have you done in your community towards youth development?
School is one type of education, there are 6 of them;
Seminars: they should attend seminars to expose their minds to great thoughts and ideas from speakers.
Books; they should read books about areas they have difficulties in life. Ben Car said, “If you read, only God can limit how far you go in life”.
Travel: they should leave their comfort zones and explore other places to expand their minds.
Mentors: Peter Voodg said, “the fastest way to become a millionaire is to talk to billionaires, you will get there faster”.
Mentors are great success ladders. They should seek out people who are successful in areas they wish to be successful in and model their ways.
And have role models in those said areas as well.
The difference between a role model and mentor is that they are the same but a mentor can and should be met on a regular basis while a role model is far.

In seeking role models, they should seek out number one, for example, who are the richest men in the world?

What are their study habits?
What are their work ethics?

Media. The right kind. Information is everywhere. See information that matters; that will help your life. “Tv is too passive to be mentally stimulating” – Michael Lebeouf .
So follow great minds on social media, watch great programmes and listen to successful people.

What would you consider your most significant reward since you delved into writing?

I have been awarded the most resourceful youth by Path Finders for constantly educating them in the right path to follow as well as exposing them to other great speakers to talk to them.
As an artisan, I have taught dozens of youths for free by my handwork who are now doing well in other parts of the country.

We have many book clubs today, do they have any social value?
Yes, they do, even though, more work can be do.
When you encounter a book club, you get settled on the fact that you are not alone in your pursuit for success, significance and excellence. And this strengthens your resolve. Some have been exposed to books they normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

What impact did your secondary school have on you while growing up?

I went to a minor Seminary; St John Vianney, Barkin Ladi.
We were often told that a minor Seminarian is a saint, a scholar and a gentleman.
It has impacted in me greatly, academically, morally and spiritually.
Spiritually: we prayed about 19 times/ daily averagely.
Academically: what I was taught there is what I am still using now in my artisanship. Plus my WAEC results were great.

Morally: I see a lot of people who engage in crazy lifestyle because no one was there to guide them. We had retreat every month and at the end of every semester. These impacted in me greatly up till date.

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