Dr. Bright Archibong: A Poetic Ode to Academic Achievement

By edition, Sunday November 12, 2023. Admin.

Bright Archibong, a name to behold,
First in Genetics & Cytogenetics, we are told.
Her PhD, a historic feat,
In the realm of science, she takes the seat.

With accolades from far and near,
Prominent figures lend their ear.
Deputy Governor and Chairman alike,
Praising her achievements, they strike.

University of Uyo, where she excelled,
A trailblazer, as history will tell.
The first female in this field,
Her brilliance and dedication revealed.

On November 11, the news was shared,
At the convocation, her success declared.
In the TETfund auditorium, applause resound,
A thousand witnesses, her triumph profound.


Gratitude to God, she does express,
For strength and courage through the process.
Her husband, a pillar of support,
With love and encouragement, he does exhort.

Barrister, National Legal Adviser,
Emmanuel Enoidem, a praise bearer.
Mothers inspired by her pursuit,
Education, a path to honor and repute.

ALGON Chairman, Eket’s Executive Chairman,
Dr. Nsidibe Akata, Engr. Uwem Okoko, so decisive.
They hail her achievement, her family’s pride,
Bringing glory to Eket, far and wide.

Obonganwan Mandu Abia, wife of the ruler,
Eket Women Stakeholders, her praises they utter.
A blessing and inspiration, she’s described,
To Akwa Ibom’s women, hope she provides.


Honorable Frank Archibong, her loving spouse,
Commends her for breaking barriers, her academic prowess.
A historic record, she has set,
An inspiration for others to never forget.

Deputy Governor, Mrs Akon Eyakenyi wise and sage,
Education, she urges, for every age.
Dr. Bright Archibong, part of Frank’s success,
A future professor, they predict, no less.

Eminent personalities, PDP leaders in attendance,
Women, youth, all with their reverence.
A celebration of knowledge and achievement,
Dr. Bright Archibong, a shining beacon of enlightenment.

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