Rotary Clubs undertake medical intervention donate items in Patani


By Arodiegwu Eziukwu

Three Rotary Clubs, on Wednesday distributed 6000 free mosquito nets, medical glasses, free medical test and held health enlightenment to prevent malaria, in Patani Local Government Area of Delta.

The three clubs are Rotary Clubs of Maple Grove, District 5950 Minnesota, United States of America, (USA), Rotary Club Agege, Lagos and Rotary Club Ugheli.

The distribution of the items was part of the project by the collaborating clubs to achieve the Zero Malaria Project in Patani LGA.

The President, Rotary Club of Maple Grove, Mrs Jennifer Miebi-Borel said shortly after the public health sensitisation that the project was part of the humanitarian services rendered by Rotary globally to communities.

She said malaria can kill within hours that it affects the liver, the brain, if its not well treated it will lead to convulsion and also mental sickness.

According to her: “Most times we neglect this things and we think it is an ordinary malaria, we take over the counter medication and we don’t treat it.

“We have 15 wards from Avari to Ave, Agloma, Tawari amongst others, everybody will be having free medication for 12 months.

“People will be coming from time to time to check, and questionnaires will be administered.

“People will be checked and blood tests conducted in addition, I also decided with my club that we are adding eye tests.

“It is like a full package and free eye glasses will be given to people, eye drops, we also test for blood glucose levels, which is to detect diabetes.

“If anyone’s sugar level is high we will ask them to see their doctors, for proper advice,” she said.

She urged the people to take the project seriously, because people have contributed their monies for the project.

The President said their goal is for zero malaria in Patani LGA of Delta, stating they are looking forward for the final success.

She said that they will soon establish a Rotary Club of Patani, which she hinted that the King of Kabowei kingdom and his Chiefs has specified interest to be members.

On his part, the facilitator, Mr Caleb Ogboola said that malaria is an acute illness caused by Plasmodium parasites, which are spread to people through the bites of infected female anopheles mosquitoes.

He also highlighted some vectors of malaria which are; P. Falciparum and P. Vivax.

According to him: “Falciparum is the deadliest malaria parasite and the most prevalent on the African continent mostly in the Riverine areas.

He said that P. Vivax is the dominant Malaria parasite in most countries outside of sub-Saharan Africa.

He also highlighted some symptoms of malaria which are; fever, headache and chills – usually appear 10-15 days after the infective mosquito bite and maybe mild and difficult to recognize as Malaria.

The health expert enumerated some preventive measures including effective vector control and the use of antimalarial drugs/treated insecticides nets (mosquito nets).

He said if these measures are effectively and meticulously followed, the people will experience what we call Zero malaria.

King Peremobowei Erebulu, of Kabowei kingdom, which comprises Bayelsa and Delta States, said that he was delighted that Rotary Club had taken the Zero Malaria Initiative to his kingdom.

Erebulu, assured them that he would join the Rotary Club along with his seven Chiefs for the sake of humanity.

He commended Borel and the others who brought the initiative to her people.

Erebulu, assured them that the kingdom was a safe place and peaceful.

He urged them to call his attention if they had any difficulty, adding that he had provided them with security personnel for their safety.

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