2023 guber: Austin Utuk picks nomination form, calls for unity


By Akanimo Kufre

APC governorship hopeful in Akwa Ibom State, Mr Austin Utuk on Monday picked his party governorship nomination form to affirm his commitment to return governance to the people with huge economic benefits.

Mr Utuk stated shortly after securing the APC governorship form and soliciting all party members and Akwa Ibom citizens, in general, to come together and join the rebuilding process. He calls for a pact to create a united and flourishing Akwa Ibom as perceived by the founding fathers.

“Let everyone come together, party or no party men, so we can return government to the people as it was.

“Let’s us shun fighting, division, and ethnicity. Let’s return Akwa Ibom to one big State where all of us have a stake.”

Mr Utuk whom former Brook Street in Uyo is named after his father, Dominic Utuk Avenue earlier said he will be the best unifying candidate for APC to win the 2023 governorship elections in the state.

The renowned broker and administrator further assured he will use his wealth of experience, connections, and corporate antecedent to return Akwa Ibom to the good days of none divisiveness and create wealth through investment in human capital development.

He said he will place priority on developing the vast coastal areas of the State to benefit from the coastal marine resources.

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